CPA's Flex Pass!

We know parking needs are changing and we’re committed to meeting those needs as best we can. For those who are transitioning back to the office or who have more sporadic requirements, our team has developed our inaugural, auto-renewing weekday Flex Pass; prepay for 10 daily parking sessions in select CPA parkades and receive 25% off. 

To apply, simply visit & click “Welcome” to create a new account.

Please ensure your application start date is accurate before submitting; sessions will be counted as soon as your Flex Pass is approved and no extensions or refunds will be provided. If you've paid for parking prior before signing up for your Flex Pass, please ensure you start your Flex Pass on the next day to avoid any issues.

- One daily session is valid between 6am and 6pm.
- You are only allowed one Flex Pass per lot/parkade

- The Flex Pass auto-renews each month; your payment method will be charged, and you'll receive 10 daily parking sessions for the next month until you cancel your Pass. 
- You do not need to apply for a new Flex Pass each month; the system will repopulate your sessions monthly until you cancel.
- Please note, you must provide one (1) full calendar month’s notice of cancellation, per the Terms & Conditions.

 Flex Pass Terms & Conditions

Interested in learning more? Below are a few common FAQs that may help.

Why is it called a *weekday* Flex Pass?

The Flex Pass offers parkers 10 daily sessions; because our evening and weekend prices are already discounted, we wanted to offer our daily customers flexibility, convenience and value too. One Flex Pass session is valid between 6am and 6pm, Monday to Friday (excluding holidays). Additional payment is required to park in CPA facilities after 6pm and on weekends.

How do I get put on the notification list?

If your parkade is full, you can be put on the notification list. Each participating parkade only offers a limited number of Flex Passes to ensure there's enough space for our monthly parkers, corporate clients and daily parkers. We've determined how many Passes to offer at each location based off the capacity of that parkade and the demand for monthly and daily parking. As always, we will review and adjust according to feedback and demand from our customers.

Does the Flex Pass let me use my 10 sessions in different parkades?

It does not. The Flex Pass allows you to use 10 parking sessions at your convenience over the course of one month in one parkade. That being said, if you would like to change your parkade after you’ve exhausted your 10 sessions or at the end of your month, you are more than welcome to cancel your Flex Pass and apply in another lot!

Can I leave and re-enter a parkade in the same day? Or would that count as two sessions?

Re-entry is allowed with the Flex Pass because each of your 10 sessions is equivalent to a full daily rate.

I haven't received my access pass yet; can I start parking?

Yes! While you await your card (if your facility requires one) you can still park in your lot: as soon as your Flex Pass is active, simply use the intercom system to speak with our customer service team and gain entry.

What happens if I don’t use all 10 sessions in a month?

Your 10 parking sessions expire at the end of a calendar month. Unused sessions do not roll over.

What if I purchase my Pass in the middle of the month? Do I have until the middle of next month to use the sessions?

The Flex Pass and its sessions are based on a calendar month; the sessions expire at the end of the calendar month, so if you purchase one mid-month be sure and use your sessions in the remaining days.

How do I know how many of my 10 sessions I have used?

Please email to see how many sessions you have left.

Can I purchase a Flex Pass and use the sessions between my vehicles?

Yes. While you can only have one (1) vehicle activated for free parking at a time you can have multiple plates loaded on your profile. Please ensure you activate the correct licence plate before parking.

How long will the Flex Pass offer be available?

The truth is, we’re not sure! We developed the Flex Pass to meet the changing needs of Calgarians by providing flexibility. Based on interest and feedback from our valued customers, we’ll reassess and revisit things as required.

Prices effective: February 1, 2023