Visiting Calgary

Visiting Calgary

Welcome to Calgary! Whether you're here for business or leisure, we're here to help you navigate parking and ensure your parking experience is safe, convenient, and affordable.

Parking in Calgary

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When you're out and about in Calgary, keep an eye out for the green 'P' symbol. This indicates safe and accessible parking managed by the City of Calgary.

Rates may vary depending on the time of day and week, so be sure to check signage for current pricing.

Where to park

Ways to pay for parking

We offer various payment options to suit your needs:

Virtual Pay Machine (VPM)

virtual pay machine

Conveniently pay online for a parking session using a credit card or Visa/Mastercard Debit card.

ParkPlus Pay Machines

park plus machine

Find these machines located in on-street parking zones, lots, and parkades, accepting payment by coin or card. 

Benefits of parking with Calgary Parking

At Calgary Parking, we go the extra mile to enhance your parking experience:

  • ParkAid

    Benefit from free battery boosting, tire assistance, and lock services. Available 24/7, simply call security at 403-537-7006.

  • Car care centers

    Park at select locations featuring complimentary tire inflation, window cleaning squeegees, and vacuum services.

  • Electric vehicle charging

    Drive an electric vehicle? We offer designated stalls with universal and Tesla plug-ins at six of our parkades.

  • Safewalk program

    Feel secure with our Safewalk Program, where security personnel will escort you to your vehicle if needed. Please call us at 403-537-7006 to arrange your escort.

  • Motocycle parking

    Dedicated spaces are available in several of our lots and parkades for your convenience.

Deals and promotions

Take advantage of our ongoing deals and promotions to make parking more affordable for you.

Tips to avoid parking tickets

To steer clear of parking tickets, here are the parking signs and rules within the city:

  • No stopping sign

    No stopping zones from (7 – 8:30 a.m.) and (3:30 – 6 p.m). Parking in bus zones, taxi zones, and no stopping zones are strictly enforced. Offending vehicles are towed.

  • Residential parking permit sign

    Residential Parking Permits are needed to park on-street where the signage states permit required.

  • Accessible parking permit required sign

    Parking in an accessible parking space without a placard is an offense.

  • Private property sign

    Parking in this area is not allowed as it is private property. Unauthorized vehicles will be towed away at the owner's expense.

  • 2-hour parking sign

    You can park here for up to two hours during the posted time frame. Outside of those times, the two-hour limit does not apply. If you stay longer than two hours during the posted time, you might get a ticket.

  • No parking sign with tow truck

    Parking here will result in your vehicle being towed.

  • Street sweeping sign

    You can't park on the street when street sweeping is scheduled. If you do, your car might be in the way of equipment, resulting in a ticket and/or tow.

  • Snow route sign

    If you park here during a snow route, your vehicle may be towed to facilitate snow removal operations.

Paying and Appealing Tickets

If you receive a parking ticket and the vehicle is not a rental, you can pay or appeal it online through our website.

Rental car information

Keep in mind that rental companies will pay the cost of any parking tickets received while the vehicle is in your possession and they will then charge you for these expenses. Therefore, you do not need to pay for parking tickets directly to us, but expect to see these charges on your rental car bill. Additionally, rental companies often add administrative fees on top of the parking ticket amount.

Contact us

Have questions or need support? Reach out to us at 403-537-7000 or email Our team is here to help make your parking experience in Calgary as smooth as possible.