ParkPlus Pay Machines

Once you've pulled into a ParkPlus parking zone, make a note of the ParkPlus zone number located on signs lining the street on which you've parked. Then look for one of the ParkPlus Pay Machines (the pay machine must be located in the same pricing area as where you are parked) or pay by cell phone. 

If you want to pay with your cellphone, use the Virtual Pay Machine, no account needed!

At a ParkPlus pay machine:

  • Enter the four digit zone number for the area in which you are parked
  • Enter your licence plate
  • Make payment by either
    • Inserting coins ($2, $1, $0.25)** until "paid to time" is adequate or,
    • Inserting a credit card (VISA, Mastercard or Amex) as shown on the front of the pay machine. Remove credit card when requested and select the appropriate time required by pressing the + (add), - (subtract) or "Max Time" buttons. Please note that on-street, prices change based on time periods during the day; to move to the next time period, please continue to press the + (add) button or press the "Max Time" button twice and then use the add and subtract buttons to adjust the time
  • Press button for optional receipt (a receipt is not required for the dash, but you may need one for your personal records)

**Please note that the pay machines do not provide change and there is a $0.50 minimum purchase for all pay machine transactions for on-street parking. The minimum purchase in a surface lot or parkade varies depending on the minimum purchase for the facility. 

Parking in Parkades and Surface Lots

If you are parked in a surface lot or parkade and wish to remain parked for longer than the current time period, press the "Max time" button twice at the initial time of purchase. The second press of the Max time button will allow parking to be paid for the next full time period. If needed, the – (subtract) button can be pressed to reduce the time.

Other Important Pay Machine Links

How to use a ParkPlus Pay Machine: