Request a Refund

Share your thoughts about the RPP program

The City of Calgary is currently reviewing its Residential Parking Permit (RPP) program to improve customer service, increase long-term financial stability, and ensure efficient use of street space. The City wants to understand how the RPP program is, or is not, meeting your needs. Provide input by completing a short survey here:

How to Request a Refund

Please click Request a Refund to fill out an email application.

Or fill out this Customer Refund form and e-mail it to .

You can also email or fax 403-537-7001 with the following information:

  • date
  • pay machine ID
  • license plate
  • contact information; and
  • any other relevant information.

In the case of pay machine malfunctions, the pay machine will be checked and customers will be contacted regarding the outcome.

Account Closures and Refunds

In the event ParkPlus cell phone customers wish to close an existing ParkPlus cell phone account, customers may submit their request by emailing or by faxing 403-537-7001.

Once this request has been received, the ParkPlus administrator will contact you regarding your request.