ParkPlus Cell Phone Account Benefits

OFFER EXTENDED! MyParking App Promo: $10.00 day MAX fee rate from 6:00am to 6:00pm, Monday to Friday. This rate is only available on online payment platforms (MyParking App and Virtual Pay Machine) at Lot 55, 58, 61 and 75. Active until June 30, 2023.

Detailed Account Activity of Parking Transactions

Receive a detailed report of all your monthly parking transactions! Your account will have the current month and the previous 5 months available to you online. If you require any additional records beyond the previous five months there is a $5 fee per additional month for us to provide this information to you. This makes the cell phone account perfect for managing your work expenses!

Click here to view a sample Account Activity report.

PARKsmall & save BIG!

Small vehicles can save 25% on short-term, on-street parking!

Small vehicles (380 centimeters in length or less) can receive a discount in most on-street ParkPlus parking zones.*

Simply apply for your PARKsmall Discount when you sign up for your new ParkPlus cell phone account or edit your existing account. Once your application is validated you will automatically receive a 25% discount on all ParkPlus parking sessions.

To qualify for the PARKsmall discount, only one vehicle of 380cm or less may be listed in your cell phone account at one time. You will not be able to add a second vehicle to your account. Please use the Park a Friend feature for your other vehicles.

*Please note: The discount is only available for on-street parking zones. It is not offered in surface lots or parkades. In addition, the discount is not available in the all-day, on-street motorcycle/scooter parking zones shown on the parking rate map. (Click here to view the map.)

Save time and money

Once you create and deposit a balance into your account, you can activate your parking session by cell phone! No cards, no coins, easy and convenient! An initial $25.00 minimum pre-payment, via Visa, Mastercard or American Express, is required to set up an account.

The $25.00 amount is also the minimum for additonal account payments.

Plus with your account you get more features such as:

  • Pay only for the time you actually parked. If your appointment finishes early, simply deactivate your parking session by cell phone. You will receive a credit for the unused time you previously would have been charged using coins!*
  • Receive an alert when your time is about to expire! ParkPlus can call your cell phone or send you an email to let you know your parking session is about to expire.
  • Have an unlimited number of license plates or cell phone numbers in your account. Perfect for businesses or families!

*The minimum purchase in a surface lot or parkade will vary depending on the minimum purchase for the facility.

Use your cell phone account in Surface Lots and Parkades

You can be notified at regular intervals to remind you that you have an active parking session (every one, two, three or four hours). You also have the option to specify a timeframe when you do not wish to be contacted by phone or email.

  • When you use your cell phone account to pay for parking in one of our surface lots or parkades, you automatically purchase time until the end of the current time period as well as until the end of the next time period.

For example, if you arrive in the lot at 10:45 am, you automatically purchase time until 6:00 pm, the end of the current time period, as well as 6:00 pm to 6:00 am, the end of the next time period.

This service is provided to ensure that users activating a session near the end of the current time period avoid activating a parking session that's too short.

We encourage cell phone account holders who regularly park in CPA surface lots or parkades to maintain a sufficient account balance to pay for a 24-hour period. 

  • Remember, all unused time can be credited to your account if you call to deactivate your session.
  • Please note: the phone number that is used to activate the parking session must be used to deactivate the parking session.