Loading Zone Pilot Project

On December 2nd, the Calgary Parking Authority (CPA) is introducing a one-year Loading Zone Pilot Project to increase short-term parking availability, providing more efficient curb space management for businesses and residents alike. The Pilot Project will require loading zone users to register their licence plates in the ParkPlus system to start a free, 20-minute parking session.

The zones selected are areas of particularly low compliance of the posted maximum time limit, according to a survey conducted by The City of Calgary.

  • Zone 2650 - South side of 9th Ave SW between Centre Street S and 1st St SW (Calgary Tower)
  • Zone 1559 - South side of 4th Ave SW between 2nd St and 3rd St SW. (Metropolitan Conference Centre)
  • Zone 1118 - South side of Riverfront Ave SW between Centre Street S and 1st St SE. (Chinatown -Hong Kong Plaza)
  • Zone 2859 - North side of Kensington Cr NW between 11A St NW and 11 St NW (The Pointe)
  • Zone 2756 - South side of 3 Ave NW between 10 St NW and 9A St NW (Sidewalk Citizen/Sunnyside Market)

Our goal is to ensure these loading zones are being used as intended; requiring plate registration will encourage users to comply with the posted time restriction allowing more Calgarians to conveniently access these spaces.

The CPA has been working closely with businesses and BIA’s/BRZ’s in the development and debut of the program to ensure it’s a fit for each community, and we’ll continue to assess and engage with Calgarians as it progresses.