Accessible Parking in Calgary

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We are committed to meeting the needs of all of our customers. 

For a list of accessible pay machines, please click here.

For a map of the locations of accessible on-street parking zones in downtown Calgary, please click here.

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Accessible Parking Awareness Campaign

Each year, the Calgary Parking Authority runs an Accessible Parking Awareness campaign to educate Calgarians on accessible parking issues.

Thursday, November 10th, 2016 was proclaimed, by Mayor Naheed Nenshi, "Accessible Parking Awareness Day".

This awareness campaign spans the month of December, ending on the 31st and focuses on educating Calgarians about the importance of leaving designated accessible stalls available for individuals who have a permit to use them.

Calgarians who are part of the Facebook and Twitter community will see CPA sponsored posts sharing reminders to avoid accessible stalls at all times if they aren't legally entitled to use them. Join the discussion and share our reminders with your online community.

The Calgary Parking Authority is committed to meeting the needs of ALL our customers and asks you to do your part and not park in these stalls without a permit.

PRESS RELEASE- Accessible Parking Awareness Day kicks off its 2016 Accessible Awareness Campaign

To see what we've done in the past click here.

Curb the Tickets

Knowing which parking stalls are accessible parking only has become easier. Curbs alongside designated on-street accessible parking stalls in 20 downtown locations have been painted bright blue.

"Curb the Tickets" was launched in 2014 to help make accessible stalls easily identifiable to motorists with the goal of ensuring these spaces are available for people who are permitted to use them. We are also hoping that the bright blue curbs help reduce the number of tickets issued to other drivers by visually alerting them to the fact that these stalls are only available for vehicles displaying either a valid parking placard or a designated licence plate.

Blue Curb Locations:

Zone 3093 - 10 Ave SW between 5 St & 6 St SW

Zone 2466 - 3 St SW & 9 Ave SW

Zone 1738 - 4 St SW & 6 Ave SW

Zone 1762 - 5 Ave SW between 2 & 3 St SW

Zone 2355 - 8 Ave SE & 5 St SE

Zone 1418 - Macleod Tr & 4 Ave SW

Zone 1404 - 3 Ave SW between 1 St SE & Centre St

Zone 1245 - 2 Ave SW & Centre St

Zone 1116 - 1 St SW & 2 Ave SW

Zone 1184 - 3 Ave SW & 6 St SW

8 St & 3 Ave SW (no Zone)

Zone 1487 - 4 Ave SW & 8 St SW

9 St & 4 Ave (no Zone)

Zone 1691 - 5 Ave SW between 7 & 8 St SW

Zone 1937 - 7 Ave SW & 7 St SW

Zone 2190 - East of 8 Ave SW & 7 St SW

Zone 2409 - West of 8 Ave SW & 7 St SW

Zone 2162 - 9 Ave SW between 8 & 9 St SW

Zone 2151 - 8 Ave SW & 9 St SW

Zone 2442 - 9 Ave SW between 5 St & 6 St SW

Fast Facts

2815 - The number of accessible tickets issued between Jan. 1 and Nov 15. 2016

    102  - This is the number of accessible stalls the CPA has in its parkades and surface lots.

      20 - Curb the Ticket blue curb locations in downtown Calgary

    391 - Average number of accessible tickets issued in December

  $300 - Fine amount for an accessible parking ticket.

              *Reduced to $200 if paid within 10 days or $250 if paid within 30 days.

       17 - Number of years the Calgary Parking Authority has run an accessible parking awareness campaign