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We've been informed about fake parking tickets being printed and placed on vehicles, falsely claiming to be from Calgary Parking. If you receive a parking ticket, you can verify it is genuine using the link below or by contacting us at 403-537-7000. If you have any information or witness individuals distributing these fake parking tickets, please report it to the Calgary Police Service (CPS) non-emergency line at 403-266-1234.

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Winter readiness: Parking tips for drivers

Although we've enjoyed mild weather so far, winter IS coming. While most of us talk a lot about winter driving, let's not forget about parking. Today, we've got some tips to make sure your vehicle stays safe and you stay warm, so your winter festivities aren’t overshadowed by the hassles that we know can come with parking.

Choosing your spot wisely

  • Cover up: If possible, when at home, park your ride in a garage or carport. It will protect your car from snow, ice, and harsh winter elements.
  • Watch out for snowbanks: Parking on-street? Try to avoid spots near those massive snowbanks. They block your view and make it tough for others to see your car.
  • Stick to level ground: If you can, park on level ground. It keeps your car from turning into an iceberg slip-sliding away.
  • Use your tech: Ever bumped into a hidden curb under the snow? Parking sensors or backup cameras can be real heroes, especially when there’s low visibility.
  • Park indoors (obviously): For public parking, think about choosing indoor parkades over outdoor lots. Bonus tip: Our website shows parkades with +15 access so you can skip going outside altogether.
  • Read the signs: Whether parking downtown or in a residential area, keep an eye out for posted parking restrictions, including the blue snow route signs. Nobody wants to get a surprise ticket, and we don’t want to give you one.

Enjoying winter events

  • Plan ahead: Attending one of Calgary’s winter events or festivals? Look into parking options nearby and plan your route beforehand. (Insider tip: New Year’s Eve fireworks this year are going to be at Prince’s Island Park!)
  • Early bird gets the spot: Winter events usually mean big crowds. Show up early to ensure you’ve snagged a parking spot nearby and avoid a long, chilly walk to the venue.
  • Leave your car with us: We know you want to celebrate safely and responsibly and that a designated driver or taxi/Uber can be hard to get. With our Extend Your Stay program, you can take your own vehicle and park in one of our convenient surface lots or parkades. On Friday and Saturday nights, pay until 6 a.m. Saturday or Sunday morning, but really you can sleep in and don’t have to grab your vehicle until 10 a.m. Seriously, we don’t mind.
  • Be a good neighbour: Having a holiday get-together at home? Give your neighbors a heads up about extra cars and remind your guests not to block driveways. Better yet, invite them! (Did you know? Most of the calls our officers receive are from people reporting their neighbours’ parking habits. Honestly, we really don’t want to show up to interrupt your celebrations and spoil the fun.) If you live in a residential parking permit zone, you can always submit a parking relaxation request via 311.
  • Host with the most: If you have a residential visitor permit, remember to easily start and stop parking sessions for your visitors with your MyParking App or through your MyParking Services account online. You’ll just need their licence plate, and they’re good to go for up to two weeks!

Staying warm and saving money

  • SupportLocalYYC: From now until December 23, you can enter to win $200 in parking credits simply by supporting local businesses during the holiday shopping season. Learn how here.
  • Buy in bulk: If you're a regular parker in a particular lot or parkade, consider buying monthly parking or a flex pass. They’re both money-savers and guarantee you a spot during those chilly times when more people are parking indoors.
  • Pay by phone: No need to freeze your fingers at a pay machine. Pay from the comfort of your car through your ParkPlus account with the MyParking App, ParkPlus for web, Call to Park, or Text to Park. No account? No problem, use your phone to start and stop your session with our Virtual Pay Machine (VPM)
  • Multi-task: Some parkades offer cool extras like free Car Care stations. Vacuuming, inflating, or wiping down your car without stepping outside is a win!
  • Free parking alert: Save some bucks by shopping, attending events or going for food when parking is free. In Calgary, on-street parking is free after 6 p.m. every day and all day on Sundays. (Tip: just remember to look at the signage, other parking restrictions may be in effect).
pay machine in winter

Prepping your vehicle for winter parking

  • Check those tires: Winter can mess with tire pressure. Before parking your car for extended periods, make sure your tires are properly filled. (Bonus tip: Inflate them indoors at one of our parkades’ Car Care centres.)
  • Keep your tank full: A full tank fights off condensation, which can lead to fuel line freezing. Nobody wants that.
  • Wrap it up: Consider using a good car cover to shield your ride from snow, ice, and road salt. It's like giving your car a winter coat.
  • Plug it in: If necessary, plug in that block heater while parked to ensure your vehicle starts when you’re ready to roll.
  • Stock up: Make sure you’ve got your windshield scraper, emergency kit, and a charged battery so that you’re prepared should something go wrong while you’re parked.
  • Jot down our number: Did you know that if you park in a paid parking area, whether it’s on-street or in a parkade or surface lot, we’re there for you? We’ll come give you a boost, get your keys out if they’re locked in, or change your flat tire. All for free 24/7. Call ParkAid at 403-537-7006. (Note: just not valid in partner lots like the Zoo or Transit)

Winter readiness isn't just about driving; it’s also about when you’re not driving. We hope these parking tips will keep your vehicle safe, keep you warmer, and make winter parking less of a headache. Stay safe and enjoy the winter wonderland that’s sure to come!

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