How parking revenue helps to transform Calgary

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Have you ever wondered where the money you pay for parking and fines goes? In Calgary, the use of parking revenue is governed by the Calgary Parking Policies and is used to contribute to the city being a great place to make a living and a great place to make a life. Today we'll explore where parking revenue comes from, how it's spent and how it contributes to our city’s vibrancy. 

Where parking revenue comes from

Parking revenue is collected from a few different sources:

These revenue streams collectively provide The City with funds that are then strategically allocated to improve life in Calgary. 

How the revenue is used

The allocation of parking revenue is guided by the Calgary Parking Policies, such as enforcement revenue going directly to The City. Here’s a breakdown of how parking revenue is used:

  • Improve parking: Supports operational costs of parking programs, services, and facilities to make parking work better for everyone.
  • Building better roads: Some goes into making our roads and streets better. This revenue is invested into The City’s 10-year Capital Plan which includes fixing up downtown, activity centres and main corridors.
  • Transportation planning: Used for strategic priorities in mobility planning - how people move around in the city. This helps make sure our transportation system works well for residents and visitors.
  • General expenses: Some covers general expenses for The City, like running public services.
  • Creating a more secure Calgary: A portion of extra parking revenue goes into The City’s budget savings account to ensure The City is financially secure.
  • Community Improvement: The Parking Revenue Reinvestment Program is a special fund for Business Improvement Areas (BIAs) and communities to access for projects that enhance our city. 

Community improvement and impact

The Parking Revenue Reinvestment Program was created so that surplus parking revenue can be put back into the business area where it was collected, to keep these areas attractive and vibrant. This fund can be accessed to support projects that will:

  • Facilitate a strong pedestrian environment
  • Implement complete streets
  • Provide incremental improvements to area parking
  • Enhance area urban design
  • Add to the vibrancy of the area

Community projects funded by Parking revenue

You’ve seen many of these community enhancements around the city; you just may not have known that they were supported by parking revenue. Here are a few examples of community projects that not only improve a community’s appearance, but also contribute to the overall quality of life in Calgary:

  • Stephen Avenue Galleria Trees Refurbishment: Enhancing the beauty of a prominent downtown street.
  • High Park: Providing recreational spaces for residents.
  • Beltline Urban Murals Project: Transforming urban spaces into vibrant art installations.
  • Crescent Heights Magic Walk: A community-led initiative that turned an uninspiring sidewalk into a colorful and inviting space.

So, the next time you pay for parking or receive a parking ticket, know that your money is going towards making our city a better place. From improving our streets to adding vibrancy to our neighborhoods, parking revenue plays a vital role in making our city great. Calgary Parking ensures that your dollars stay parked in Calgary and are invested in our city's future.

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