Virtual Pay Machine

Street Sweeping in effect between April 19th and the end of June. For information about this City of Calgary program visit:

LOT 60 Vaccine Clinic: We’d like to thank the more than 23,000 parkers who’ve attended the TELUS Convention Centre vaccine clinic and successfully registered their licence plate in our system. This process allows us to accommodate as many parkers as possible in our limited capacity parkade. We encourage Calgarians to continue to register their licence plate when attending the clinic, as it ensures vehicle turnover and allows continuous parking access in support of vaccinations.

The CPA is pleased to support the health and safety of Albertans through our alignment with the clinic, and as such parkers who received a ticket at the Convention Centre Parkade between April 5th and 30th do not need to take any further action.


The Virtual Pay Machine (VPM) is for Customers on the go - both Visitors & Calgarians.

VPM is a free service that allows anyone to securely pay for parking on-street or in any Calgary Parking Authority facility with their cell phone and credit card; no ParkPlus cell phone account is needed.

VPM allows you to park smart - all you need are these two things: 

1. A smartphone to scan the QR code (with a QR code reader) or enter in the URL (; and        

2. A credit card (note that payment cannot be made with "Virtual VISA" or other prepaid cards, but Visa/Debit cards can be used)

How to use VPM:

Once you have scanned the QR code or entered into your browser, simply enter the zone number you're parked in and your licence plate information. Then, select the amount of time that you would like to park from the dropdown menu.

With ParkPlus, you never need to place a receipt on your dash; however, if you would like a copy of the receipt for your records, enter your email address and it will be sent to your inbox.

The next step is for you to review your session details; if everything looks correct then you will proceed to payment or press 'back' to make any changes. 

After you press `Proceed to Payment', you will be redirected to a secure site to enter your credit card information. Once you have completed that step, you have finished!


Why should I use the Virtual Pay Machine?

The VPM is a convenient option for a variety of reasons:

1. You can make a payment without using / visiting a pay machine.        

2. No need to carry coins.        

3. You don't need a ParkPlus cell phone account to pay with your cell.

4. You are able to use the VPM to pay for any ParkPlus zone, even if you are no longer physically near that zone.

For more information: call 403-537-7275