ParkPlus Terms of Use

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Pay Machine Payments 

  • If a customer encounters a pay machine that is out of order, they must proceed to another pay machine to make payment using one of the functioning payment methods provided or otherwise ensure payment is made. Payment can be made at any ParkPlus Pay Machine located in the same pricing management area where the customer has parked.


  • In the event that a pay machine does not return coins, customers may request a refund by e-mailing or fill out the request form at the Impound Lot located at 400 - 39 Avenue SE. Requests must include the date, pay machine ID, contact information and any other relevant information. Following submission, the pay machine will be checked for an overage and customers will be contacted regarding the outcome.
  • Refund requests for pay machine transactions must be received within one month of the transaction date.

ParkPlus Cell Phone Account

  • When using the cell phone payment system an 'Interactive Voice Response' system will prompt users to enter information specific to their parking session. The responsibility for the accuracy of information lies with the customer, not the CPA. Errors made by the customer may result in parking fines or services denial.
  • Some services offered are dependent on the customer's cell phone or internet service provider. The CPA does not warrant or guarantee compatibility or service levels of third party service providers.
  • One feature of the ParkPlus System cell phone payment system is a 'call back' service that alerts or warns customers of parking time expiry. Responsibility for compliance with parking laws, however, remains with the customer even if no such warning is issued by the CPA due to system failure or any other reason. The ParkPlus MyParking App does not have a call back service but has in-app notifications. 
  • While 'cell phone' payment is offered for curbside and parking lots as a customer service, in the event of a system failure, customers must pay for parking by using ParkPlus Pay Machines that are on-street or in parking lots.
  • The SMS messaging feature in Text to Park allows users to pay for parking by texting 77587. Note that CPA does not charge for this feature, but standard carrier message rates may still apply. For help, please text HELP, INFO or AIDE to 77587. To be removed from program, text STOP or ARRET to 77587.


  • To request a refund, please contact us in any of the following ways:
  • Refund requests for ParkPlus account transactions must be received within one month of the transaction date.
  • Refunds of less than $5 will be provided as a ParkPlus account credit.
  • Refunds of more than $5 can be provided via a credit card refund or as a ParkPlus account credit. Debit card refunds are available for pre-approved requests.  We are unable to issue cheques for parking payment refunds.
  • The CPA will not process refunds related to the following erroneous customer transactions, such as in the following scenarios:
    • Forgetting to end a parking session
    • Insufficient account funds to complete a parking transaction
    • Starting a parking session in error

ParkPlus Account Transfers and Closures

  • There must be a minimum account balance of $1 if a ParkPlus account holder wishes to transfer funds between accounts or close an existing account and have the balance refunded.
  • Refunds for ParkPlus account closures will be provided back to the credit card that was used to add funds to the account when possible. A cheque will be mailed for refunds of over $10 if the refund is not able to be applied to a credit card. Alternatively, debit card refunds can be provided in person at the Impound Lot at 400 - 39 Avenue SE (8am to 8pm and 12 noon to 4pm weekends and statutory holidays).