ParkPlus Frequently Asked Questions

ParkPlus Pay Machines

How do I use the on street pay machine to pay*?

  1. Enter the four digit zone number for the area in which you are parked. The zone number is located on top of the street signs.
  2. Enter your license plate information.
  3. Make payment by either:
    • Inserting coins ($2, $1, $0.25)** until "paid to time" is adequate or,
    • Inserting a credit card (VISA, MasterCard or AMEX) as shown on the front of the pay machine. Remove credit card when requested and select the appropriate time required by pressing the + (add) or "Max Time" buttons.
  4. Press button for optional receipt; a receipt is not required for the dash.

*Instructions are provided on the pay machines also. **Please note the pay machines do not provide change.

What do I do if the pay machine is out of order?

Please proceed to another pay machine within the same pricing area and make payment or use the Virtual Pay Machine. For more information on pricing areas, click here.

To report the pay machine, please click here.

If you are parked in a parking lot or parkade, you can use any pay machine within the lot/parkade to complete your payment.

The pay machine did not return my coins. How do I request a refund?

In the event that a pay machine does not return coins, customers may request a refund by emailing or by faxing 403-537-7001.

Requests must include the date, pay machine ID, contact information and any other relevant information. The pay machine will be checked for an overage and customers will be contacted regarding the outcome.

I have entered the necessary information and made payment, why didn't I get a receipt for my car?

The ParkPlus System is totally paperless; the receipt is an optional item that you must request before the end of your transaction. You do not require a receipt for your dashboard. To request a receipt of your transaction, email with your license plate, the date, time and zone (or area) of where you parked.

Can I add time to an existing parking session?

No, each payment is registered as a separate transaction. (For example, if you have paid at a pay machine for an hour you have to wait until the hour expires before purchasing more time.) If you purchase more time, your transaction will start from the time you purchased it at the pay machine. It will not add time to your existing session.

You can use any pay machine to purchase additional time.

Please note: as per City bylaws, the vehicle may not be parked for longer than the maximum time posted on the signs in the area.

ParkPlus Cell Phone Accounts

What is the ParkPlus System phone number?

The ParkPlus System phone number to call for activating and deactivating a parking session is 403-537-7275.

How do I pay using my cell phone?

To use the cell phone method of payment, you must first sign up for an account here. When parked, call 403-537-7275 and listen to the voice prompts. You can also use our Text to Park service with a ParkPlus cell phone account. Text "start" and "end" with the zone number to 77587 (PPLUS) to start and end a parking session. For more information on Text to Park, visit Text to Park.

*A minimum $1.00 purchase applies to all cell phone account transactions for on-street parking. The minimum purchase in a surface lot or parkade will vary depending on the minimum charge for the facility. 

I have set up a cell phone account online; however, when I call in from my cell phone, the system tells me that the cell phone number is not recognized.

Your phone number has been blocked from being displayed.

To unblock your phone number if you are a Telus or Bell Mobility customer, dial *31# OR *82 and then the ParkPlus number. (For example, enter the unblocking code prior to the ParkPlus number as follows: *31# 403-537-7275.)

To obtain information about the unblocking code for other cell phone providers, please contact your provider directly.

If I have more than one vehicle listed in my cell phone account, how does the system know which vehicle I have parked?

You do not need to designate which vehicle you are using when you activate a parking session using your cell phone account as long as you have an active parking session for one of the vehicles listed in the account.

The only requirement is that you have enough active parking sessions for the number of vehicles parked in ParkPlus zones. For example, if you have two vehicles parked in ParkPlus zones, you must activate two distinct parking sessions. (You must activate each parking session from a separate cell phone number.)

Why am I charged an extra $2 if I use my cell phone account to pay for parking in a surface lot or parkade?

For example, if I park in Lot 55, I am charged $11 for the whole day (then refunded any unused when I end the parking session) but if I was to use my credit card in the machine in the lot, the maximum charge is $9.

When you use your cell phone account to pay for parking in one of our surface lots or parkades, you automatically purchase time until the end of the current time period as well as until the end of the next time period.

For example, if you arrive in the lot at 10:45 am, you automatically purchase time until 6:00 pm, the end of the current time period, as well as 6:00 pm to 6:00 am, the end of the next time period.

This service is provided to ensure that users activating a session near the end of the current time period avoid activating a parking session that's too short.

Reminder: When you drive out of a parkade or surface lot, call to deactivate your parking session and your unused time will be credited to your account.

If I activate a parking session using one of my cell phones, can I use another one to deactivate the session?

No. The phone number that is used to activate the parking session must be used to deactivate the parking session.

I have forgotten my ParkPlus cell phone account login name. How can I get that information?

You are able to login with your username or the email address associated with the account.

Alternatively, you can send an email to and include either the cell phone number or license plate information listed in your account and we will send you your login name.

I have forgotten the password for my ParkPlus cell phone account. How can I request a new one?

To request a new password, go here and click on the "Forgot Password?" link on the bottom of the page. The ParkPlus System will email you a new password.

What is my balance on my ParkPlus cell phone account?

Login to the account here; the balance is listed at the top left of the screen, below your username.

How do I know if I have to add more funds to my account?

The ParkPlus System will not let you activate a parking session if your account balance is below the minimum charge for the zone.

You can enable the "low balance notification" in your account settings to notify you by email when your account balance is low. You can choose your low balance notification amount at $10, $20, $50 or $100.

How do I add more funds to my account?

To add more funds to the account online, login to your account and select the "Add Account Funds" tab, then fill in the required fields with a valid credit card. Alternatively, you can top up your account with cash, debit, cheque or credit card by visiting our Head Office at 620-9 Ave SW.

When I use my credit card online to add a lump sum payment to my account, does the system remember my card and allow transactions to be automatically charged to it?

No, the ParkPlus system does not save your credit card information or automatically charge it for each transaction. Credit cards are used to only put a set amount ($25, $50, $100, $200, $500 or $1000) on the account.

Why did I receive an “invalid merchant” message when I tried to add funds to my account?

There are several reasons why the credit card or debit Visa may not be accepted. It could be that the payment information was entered incorrectly or there is a problem with the card. Please close the page, then reopen your browser and try to make the payment again or call your bank to check that the card is working. After two unsuccessful attempts to make a payment, your IP address will be blocked for a few hours. This is to protect against fraudulent activity. If the card is working and you are still not able to make a payment, you can contact a ParkPlus Representative by calling 403-537-7275 (press *).

How do I make changes to my account, such as adding a new license plate?

Login to your account and select "Account Information". From here you can update your license plate and cell phone information. To update your contact information, click "More Options" and select "Update Profile".

How do I view my parking transactions/ParkPlus account activity?

Login to the account and click on the "Account Activity" tab on the upper right. Note you will have access for transactions of the current month and the past three months. There are two email options you can use to print or save a copy for your records. The account activity will also allow you to separate reports by phone number.

If you need access to parking transactions that are older than three months, there is a fee of $5.00 per month of activity retrieved which is deducted from the ParkPlus account. Please send an email request to with your username, the months required and confirmation that you accept the fee, and we will send you a copy of the report.

Will I get a receipt when adding funds to my account with a credit card?

The receipt for payment is automatically e-mailed to the registered e-mail address on the account.

I have another question about the ParkPlus System that isn't answered here. Who do I contact?

You can call 403-537-7275, press * and then 7 to speak to a ParkPlus System representative. Alternatively, you can email your question to

Text to Park

How does Text to Park work?

ParkPlus cell phone account holders can pay for parking by Text. To start a parking session, text the word "start" and then the four-digit ParkPlus zone number to PPLUS (77587). To end a parking session, you will need to text the word "end" and then the four-digit ParkPlus zone number to PPLUS (77587).

I sent a text but a parking session wasn't activated. What do I do now?

Your parking session may not have been activated for several reasons:

  • Parking restrictions are in effect
  • There are insufficient funds in your account
  • The zone number was entered incorrectly

Please ensure that you did not send your text to 403-537-7275 or 403-539-4205. These numbers are used in the regular ParkPlus phone activation process and are not valid for Text to Park.

If having further issues, you can also call in your parking session by dialing 403-537-7275 and listen to the voice prompts.

Why do I need to put the words "start" and "end" when using Text to Park?

On May 31, 2013, we introduced the requirement to put the words "start" and "end" for Text to Park service. This is because a number of our customers experienced duplicate texts being sent automatically by their cell phone carrier to the ParkPlus system. This would cause parking sessions to either start or stop without the customer’s consent.

By changing the process and specifying whether you want the text to start or stop a parking session, it removes the potential for duplicate text messages to affect a parking session.

Note: to successfully start and end a parking session, you will need to spell the words “start” and “end” correctly. However, they are not case-sensitive. For example, "START", "Start" and "start" will all work to start a parking session. 

Why am I unsuccessful in starting a session when I text 77587 through Google Hangouts?

There is a known issue with texting the short-code 77587 through Google Hangouts. Please use the direct number 1-587-316-9704 to text instead if you are using Google Hangouts.

MyParking app & ParkPlus

Can I automatically load funds onto my account using the MyParking app?

Unfortunately, the MyParking app does not have that capability. With the app, you can add funds on a one-off basis however, as well as check your account balance.

Can I edit my account details using the app, such as my license plate or phone number?

Yes! The updated version of the app (released in July 2015) allows you to update your license plate and phone number using the app.

When logging into the app, what phone number do I use to log in?

You can use ANY phone number that is listed in your ParkPlus account when logging into your account on the app. It does not have to match the phone number of the phone or device you're using. For example, if you share an account with your spouse, you could enter their phone number with the account username and password, as long as that phone number is listed on the account.

What should I do if I have am having trouble stopping my parking session through the app?

If you are having difficulties stopping your parking session with the app, you can also use call into ParkPlus (403-537-7275) and listen to the voice prompts or use Text to Park to end your parking session.

Please note that no matter which method you use to start a parking session, the same phone number must be used to stop the parking session. Therefore, if you use another phone number when logging into the MyParking app, you would need to text or call from that number to stop your parking session (if unable to do so through the app)

I'm having difficulties logging in to the app. What do I do?

Your Username can be the username you created or the email address associated with your account. You can reset your password online, but please note, it can take up to 30-60 minutes for the information to be reset on the ParkPlus server.

If you need further assistance, please contact or call 403-537-7275 and we'll investigate the issue further.

I was setting up my ParkPlus account on the app and was interrupted; can I continue the set-up on the app?

If you experience an interruption while setting up your ParkPlus account on your app, you must continue the set-up process on a computer. You will not be able to continue to set up your account through the app.

General ParkPlus

Do you accept Visa debit cards for parking payment?

You can use Visa debit cards for payment via the Virtual Pay Machine or to add money to your ParkPlus cell phone account. The ParkPlus pay machines do not accept Visa debit cards due to security reasons. At a pay machine, you can make payment using either coins or a credit card (VISA, MasterCard or AMEX).