Impound Lot Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some of the most asked questions from customers visiting the Impound Lot. For additional assistance, please call the Impound Lot at 403-537-7111.

Why was my vehicle towed to the Impound Lot?

Generally, a vehicle is towed to the Municipal Impound Lot if it violates parking regulations. Peace Officers can remove vehicles that are parked illegally, unattended and obstructing traffic or are without valid licence plates or permits. A vehicle parked in a restricted traffic lane during rush hour is a safety hazard and may obstruct more than 500 other vehicles each hour. Damaged, derelict or stolen vehicles may also be towed to the Impound Lot.

For more information on why your vehicle may have been towed, please see "Why is my vehicle at the Impound Lot?" webpage.

Will I be able to drive my vehicle away from the Impound Lot?

You will be able to drive away if you have a valid operator's licence (interim driver’s licence requires government issued ID), you are not under the influence of alcohol or drugs and the vehicle is roadworthy, properly insured and has valid registration with valid licence plates. If you do not have insurance or registration you may not drive the vehicle from the Lot. However, you may have it towed at your expense to private property.

My vehicle is unregistered and/or uninsured. How can I move it from the Impound Lot?

Vehicles that are unregisterd or uninsured cannot be driven on public roadways.

If your vehicle is uninsured or unregistered, it can only be towed from the Impound Lot at your expense after providing proof of ownership. You can also use a legal tow bar and tow the vehicle yourself. A legal tow bar can be rented from U-Haul.

Please note: not all towing truck providers are authorized to tow from the Impound Lot based on our safety, insurance and liability standards. If you are unsure if your towing truck provider is authorized, please contact us at 403-537-7111 and we can verify their status.

What are the fees to recover my vehicle from the Impound Lot?

You are responsible for the costs of towing plus a daily storage fee of $43.00 ($55.00 for larger medium sized vehicles). Fee schedules are posted at the entrance of the Impound Lot. Debit, Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Certified Cheque (made out to Calgary Parking Authority) are accepted forms of payment. Cash will not be accepted.

Please note that all vehicles must be removed from the Impound Lot within 2 hours of making payment.

Please see Impound Lot fees.

What do I need to provide to claim my vehicle at the Impound Lot?

You must provide proof of ownership and identification and pay all towing and storage fees. See Required Documentation for a full list of the required documents needed.

Why do I pay a towing and storage fee when my car was towed to the Impound Lot after it was reported stolen?

The costs of towing and storage of all vehicles taken to the Impound Lot are the responsibility of the owner of the vehicle. As a vehicle owner you may purchase insurance that covers all costs associated with the theft of your vehicle. If you choose not to purchase this coverage you assume the risk for all costs associated with theft.

What happens to unclaimed vehicles?

Every attempt possible is made to locate the registered owner of an impounded vehicle. Unclaimed vehicles are sold at our Unclaimed Vehicle Auctions. These auctions are held monthly. Vehicles may be recycled if they are deemed to have no value. After recovery of towing and storage fees, the revenue generated through the disposal goes to the Alberta Government. A registered owner may claim a vehicle anytime prior to the sale of the vehicle and is entitled to claim the residual revenue after sale from the Alberta Government. Allow 60 days after sale for payment processing.

Legislation states that written notification must be sent to the last known registered owner. Always make sure your information is updated at the registries.

Are vehicles sold at auction free from liens?

Under the Motor Vehicle Act, the last registered owner as well as any lien holder for the vehicle must be notified before the vehicle can be auctioned. Lien holders may claim vehicles that are unclaimed by the vehicle owner. Lien holders that fail to respond to the registered letter advising of the pending disposal forfeit their lien.

Why does CPA manage the Municipal Impound Lot?

CPA took over management of the Impound Lot (400-39 Ave SE T2G 5P8) in 1994 in a move to improve customer service at the facility. This change has resulted in a decrease in fees charged to customers for towing and storage of vehicles as well as faster notification to vehicle owners.

What happens if I leave my vehicle at the Impound Lot?

If you choose to abandon your vehicle at the Impound Lot, the amount will be a debt owing to the Crown by the current owner and the Registrar of Motor Vehicle Services may:

1. Suspend the registration of all vehicles registered in the name of the debtor, or

2. Refuse to register any motor vehicle in the name of the debtor, or

3. Refuse to register a vehicle in the name of a new owner if the ownership of a registered vehicle passes directly or through intermediary owners from the person who owes the debt.