CPA in the Community


Our Annual 'Report to the Community'

Our Report to the Community summarizes Calgary Parking's activities in the communities we serve and highlights the successes that we celebrated in 2021 and 2022, the last two years of operations as the CPA. You’ll find our financials, information about the role we play in Calgary as well as some of the ways in which we gave back to the community.  

ParkPlus Donate Zones

You can donate to the Calgary Homeless Foundation and the Calgary Food Bank through ParkPlus, with 100% of donations going directly to the charity. 


Calgary's Road Home is an easy way to help the homeless and hungry in Calgary. 

Donations are collected using ParkPlus pay machines, ParkPlus cell phone accounts and the MyParking App. You can donate by entering zone 4663 (HOME) for the Calgary Homeless Foundation and zone 3663 (FOOD) for the Calgary Food Bank.


Calgary's Road Home is a community program that provides meals, housing and other programs to Calgary's people in need of food and shelter. It is a partnership between the Calgary Parking Authority, the Calgary Homeless Foundation and the Calgary Food Bank.

This program aims to collect the small amounts of money that Calgarians may offer to people on the streets to create a bigger impact for more people.


At a curbside ParkPlus pay machine or through the MyParking App:

  • To donate to the Food Bank, enter Zone 3663 (FOOD).
  • To donate to the Homeless Foundation, enter Zone 4663 (HOME)

You can make more than one $5 donation with your ParkPlus cell phone account as long as there are sufficient funds in your account.







Calgary Parking Sponsorship Program

The CPA's Sponsorship Program funds parking, transportation or mobility related projects within Calgary that benefit members of the community.

Veterans' Parking Program

This program enables The City of Calgary and the Calgary Parking Authority to recognize veterans for their contribution to creating our great city. Veterans with a valid registered veterans' license plate can receive complimentary parking credits up to $10 per month per veterans' license plate. Click here to learn more.