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Who is Calgary Parking?


Calgary Parking fulfills the City of Calgary's parking mandates and implements the municipality's parking policies by managing on- and off-street public parking facilities, enforcement programs and providing parking advisory services.

Today, the Calgary Parking Authority uses leading-edge technology to provide public parking on-street, in parkades and in surface parking lots. We operate without using any municipal tax revenues.

What does Calgary Parking do?


Calgary Parking: Offering So Much More than Parking

2020 Report to the Community

Our Mission

To contribute to vibrant, safe and accessible communities by managing and administering parking resources.

Our Vision

All of The City of Calgary’s parking resources working to create optimum economic and social benefits for the communities we serve.

Our Values

Creating safe and healthy environments – we work to maintain, protect and enhance the safety and well-being of employees, customers, and the general public in our facilities, on City streets, and in our workplace.

Collaborative problem solving – we work proactively, with internal and external stakeholders, to understand diverse perspectives, balance competing interests, and find creative solutions.

Expert parking management – we strive to be leaders and are knowledgeable about the parking industry and the CPA to ensure that the information we share, and the solutions and advice we provide, is accurate, consistent, helpful and accessible.

Proactive, continuous improvement – we take action and support each other to build on our experiences and find new, better ways of doing things.

Accountable to the public interest – we are good stewards of public resources, are a positive presence in the community, and do what we say we are going to do.



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