Special Permits

Where are the two special permit areas and why are they deemed special permit areas?

Two special permit areas exist in Bridgeland (Zone AAA) and Somerset (Zone YY). Qualifying addresses in these zones can obtain one permit per address, which is valid for two years. Please see below for permit costs.

To obtain the permit, the resident must provide current proof of residency. Click here for details on accepted proof of residence documents. These permits cannot be sold or rented.

Bridgeland and Somerset have been deemed special permit areas because most or all of the dwellings are multi-family buildings and there is not enough street space to accommodate everyone who wishes to park in these areas. It was decided to charge a fee for the permits in these areas, so that only those who needed parking would request a permit.

In these two special permit areas, a visitor may use the permit that a resident has purchased. In other Residential Parking Permit zones, specific visitor permits are issued to qualified residents living in single, semi-detached, triplex, fourplex, or rowhouse units. Visitor permits are not available for larger complexes such as apartment buildings.

What is the fine for parking in a residential parking zone with no valid permit?

The fine for parking in a residential parking zone without displaying a valid permit is $75. Please read all posted signs for the zone specific restrictions in your area.


Permit Fee Schedule