ParkPlus System

About the ParkPlus System

Almost 20 years ago, Calgary Parking (at that time the Calgary Parking Authority (CPA)) was looking for a technology solution to manage on-street public parking, parkades and surface lots but there wasn't a viable solution available in the marketplace. So, we decided to create one oursleves! Our in-house developers started from scratch and built ParkPlus, an industry-leading platform that manages parking, payments and enforcement with a single identifier - the licence plate. Launched in 2007, The City of Calgary was the first to implement this leading edge technology. (click here to read more about the ParkPlus origin story!)

Today, the ParkPlus system allows you to pay for your surface lot, parkade, and on-street parking with conveniently located ParkPlus pay machines, with the MyParking App, by texting or calling in with a registered ParkPlus cell phone account, or by using the Virtual Pay Machine. ParkPlus is also the technology behind our Residential Parking Permits (RPP), monthly parking contracts, flex passes, and membership parking such as Calgary Zoo, Telus Spark, Fort Calgary, and Heritage Park

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ParkPlus Terms of Use

Important ParkPlus System Links

ParkPlus Pay Machines

Virtual Pay Machine

The Virtual Pay Machine is a free service that allows anyone to securely pay for parking on-street or in any Calgary Parking Authority facility with their cell phone and credit card; no ParkPlus cell phone account is needed.

Pay By Cell Phone

To pay by cell phone, sign up for a ParkPlus cell phone account. Get started by clicking on "Sign In" in the top right corner of the screen and then clicking "Create an Account".

Once you set up your ParkPlus account, you can pay for parking with your cell phone in three ways:

  • Calling (403) 537-PARK (7275) and listening to the voice prompts;
  • Using Text to Park; or
  • Using the MyParking app for the iPhone or Android

For all other frequently asked questions (FAQ) about the ParkPlus System, click here.

For information on Online Activations, click here.

Learn about all of the benefits of a ParkPlus cell phone account.

Edmonton Parking Program

The City of Edmonton has launched a parking system called EPark that is powered by the ParkPlus System. See for more information.

Please note: EPark cell phone accounts and ParkPlus cell phone accounts are not transferable. Account holders must log-in to the site where the account was created to view, edit or add funds to an existing cell phone account.

Please Note
  • If you are a monthly contract holder, click here for information on updating your account, including licence plates.
  • The Park Prime iPhone app is developed by a third party (Robots and Pencils Inc.) and has no relation to ParkPlus or the Calgary Parking Authority; therefore, it is not an approved or authorized feature of the ParkPlus system. Due to this reason we cannot provide administrative or technical support.
  • Residential Parking Permits are not valid in ParkPlus zones.

Contact Us


Phone: 403-537-PARK (403-537-7275)

Toll free: 1-888-544-4011

TTY Services (text telephone)

To contact Calgary Parking by TTY (text telephone), please call the Telus Relay Service at 711, and have them connect to the number above or email us.

Download the MyParking App!

The MyParking App is available on the Google Play Store or Apple App Store for free!

MyParking App Benefits

  • Easy to find parking map
  • Automatic fund top up - no need to worry about running out of funds!
  • In-app notifications - get notified when your session is ending
  • Find My Car feature.  Forgot where you parked? No worries!

Learn more about the MyParking app here

Update your MyParking App 

Calgary Parking changed payment providers from Bambora to Moneris on the MyParking App. Please update your MyParking App to the latest version to ensure there is no disruption to your parking. There will be no change to the funds that are in your ParkPlus account.

If you previously set up credit card information or enabled auto top up on an older version of the app, please update your app and re-enter your credit card information and re-enable auto top up so you can continue to add funds to your account easily. 

You will be unable to add funds on the older versions of the MyParking app as it will no longer be supported. Please update your MyParking app to the latest version to continue use. We apologize for the inconvenience.

How do I update my MyParking app? 

1. Go to the MyParking app on the Google Play Store or Apple App Store 

2. Click Update 

  • If you don’t see an update button, you are on the latest version of the MyParking app 
  • In order to update the app, Androids need to be version 9 and up and iOS devices need to be iOS 9 and up. For older devices, you will be unable to use the MyParking app. Please use our Virtual Pay Machine at to pay for parking.



How to use a ParkPlus Pay Machine: