Court Appeal

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If you don't pay your parking ticket or parking infraction notice, you will be issued a violation ticket with a "first appearance date". Upon receipt of the violation ticket, you have the option to appeal your violation ticket to the Provincial Court of Alberta. Instructions are on the violation ticket.

You have three options:

  1. Pay the voluntary payment
  2. Plead not guilty by completing the appropriate section of the violation ticket and mailing that plea to Provincial Court
  3. Appear before a Justice of the Court on the "first appearance date" found on the violation ticket

If you select Option 2, complete the section on the violation ticket and mail your plea to Provincial Court. A trial date will be scheduled by the court.

Please note: The onus is on you to ensure that payment or any other action reaches the court office before the "first appearance date" to avoid late payment charges.

If you fail to appear in court on any scheduled dates, you may be convicted in absence and face additional fees. A notice of conviction will be issued by the court.

Unpaid fines will result in denial of Alberta Registries services until all outstanding amounts are paid. An accumulation of unpaid fines may result in the suspension of your operator's licence.

The Provincial Court of Alberta, Traffic Court is located at

    601 5th St SW
    Calgary, Alberta
    T2P 5P7

Disclaimer: In the event that the information on this website differs from the information on the Violation Ticket, the information on the Violation Ticket shall prevail.