Online Activations

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ParkPlus cell phone account holders can also start a parking session online.

Using this feature, called "Online Activations", cell phone account holders can set up parking sessions for dates and times in the future*, making this feature particularly useful for businesses wishing to pay for their customers' parking.

How it Works

  • To set-up an Online Activation, log-in to your ParkPlus account at and click the More Options tab at the top of the page.

  • Click the Online Activation button.

  • Click on the date that you wish to schedule an activation for in the calendar, and then select Add New Event.

  • Enter the event name, select the start and end time, and then click Next.

  • Enter the licence plate information and zone number for any parking session(s) you wish to activate. Click Add Vehicle. Once the parking session has ended, the parking cost will be deducted.

  • Click Save Event to schedule the Online Activation. Click Close to exit without saving.

  • If the session is stopped, you will only be charged for the time that you were parked**.

  • When a parking session is started using the Online Activation system, it must be deactivated using the Online Activation system as well.

Click here for full instructions on how to set up an Online Activation.

*Please note that parking availability is on a first-come, first-served basis and space is not guaranteed. No refunds will be issued if a session is activated and the space is not used or if an alternative location is used. Payments can be back-dated a maximum of 2 hours, in 15 minute increments.

**A minimum purchase still applies to all online activation parking sessions. This minimum purchase amount will vary depending on the zone number for which the session was activated.

Want a demo or more information?

Our ParkPlus staff are also happy to visit you at your place of business to provide a demonstration so that you can see firsthand how this feature might benefit your business. To request a demonstration or find out more about Online Activations, please contact our ParkPlus staff by phone at 403-537-7275 or email: