Veterans' Parking Program

COVID-19 Update

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In November 2012, City Council passed a recommendation to trial a Veterans' Parking Program. This program offers veterans who have a valid Alberta registered veterans' license plate a $10 per month courtesy credit for on-street parking beginning December 1, 2012. The parking credit is non-cumulative from year to year and is not refundable. This program enables The City of Calgary and the Calgary Parking Authority to recognize veterans for their contribution to creating our great city.

Please note: Once you sign up for the Veterans' Parking Program, a lump sum will be deposited into your account based on the month you enroll in the program.

Because the parking credits for this program are not cumulative from year to year, any remaining credits that are not used by December 29 will be removed from the respective cell phone accounts on December 30. In order to receive the full benefit from your parking credits, please ensure that you use them before December 29.

The Veterans' Parking Program will continue in 2017, and you will continue to receive your $10 monthly parking credits. The credits will automatically be deposited into your cell phone account in a lump sum based on the month you enrolled in the program.

How the Program Works

Veterans with a valid registered veterans' license plate can receive complimentary parking credits up to $10 per month per veterans' license plate.

Veterans who sign up for a ParkPlus cell phone account will be automatically credited with $10 per month per veterans' license plate. To be enrolled in the program and have the parking credit loaded into their accounts, veterans must send an email to indicating they would like to sign up for the program.

Eligibility Requirements

Customers who qualify for this program are veterans with a valid Alberta veterans' license plate AND veterans without a Alberta veterans' license plate who meet the following eligibility requirements:

An Alberta resident who has been Honourably discharged or are still serving after three years (1095 days) paid service:

A. In WWII, the Korean War, or Gulf War as a member of:

  • The Canadian Forces, Reserve Force,
  • an Allied Force,
  • the Canadian or Allied Merchant Navy, or
  • the Ferry Command

B. As a member of the Canadian Forces and has served a minimum of 3 (three) years paid service (1095 Days) and may still be serving

C. In United Nations or NATO Operations as a member of:

  • The Canadian Forces, or Reserve Force,
  • The Royal Canadian Mounted Police,
  • Other Canadian police forces, or
  • an Allied Force.

For veterans without a Alberta veterans' license plate, we will need some documentation or proof to be eligible for the Veterans' Parking Program.* Accepted documentation includes:

Canadian Forces Discharge Certificate

Allied Forces Discharge Certificate or Certificate of Service

Canadian or Allied Merchant Navy Service Record Book

Canadian Forces Certificate of Service (both sides)

A letter from the RCMP Commanding Officer certifying the Veteran's service in a United Nations or NATO Operation.

*Please note: Proof of vehicle ownership must be provided for each vehicle being claimed under this program.

ParkPlus Cell Phone Accounts

For veteran's who do not currently have a ParkPlus cell phone account, simply go to and click on "Create an Account" to get started. You can also contact ParkPlus for assistance in creating your account by calling 403-537-7275, emailing or dropping by our office at 620 - 9 Ave SW to receive assistance in person.

Once you've signed up for an online account, paying for your parking with your cell phone is easy. There are three ways to use your cell phone to pay for your parking:

1. Call ParkPlus at 403-537-7275 and listen to the voice prompts to activate and deactivate a parking session.

2. Use Text to Park by texting the ParkPlus zone number you're parked in, along with the words "start" and "end", to short code 77587.

3. Download the free MyParking app for the iPhone or Android to start and stop a parking session from within the app.

Learn more about ParkPlus cell phone accounts and their benefits here.

For veterans who do not have a cell phone, please contact our office at 403-537-7000 or email for more information.

Supporting our Veterans

The Calgary Parking Authority is proud to support Canadian veterans. Throughout the year we do our best to say thank you for their sacrifices in a variety of ways. In November 2012, we launched the Veterans' Parking Program that provides veterans, with a valid Alberta registered veterans' licence plate, a $10 per month courtesy credit for on-street parking. These monthly credits are deposited into a veterans' ParkPlus cell phone account in a lump sum for the year ($120 if registered at the beginning of the year).

Veterans without an Alberta veterans' licence plate can also receive this parking credit by providing supporting documentation of their service. Information on how to do this can be found in the section above.

We want to grow the Veterans' Parking Program and to do this we need your help. If you know a veteran living in Calgary or are a veteran yourself, please share this information and register yourself to participate. The information above outlines what you need to do to register.

On Remembrance Day, when we gather to pay respect to our fallen soldiers and thank our serving Canadian Forces members, the Calgary Parking Authority provides complimentary parking for veterans displaying a Veteran's licence plate in its surface lots and parkades (with the exception of the Calgary Zoo, TELUS Spark and Heritage Park). 

If you would like to make a financial donation to the Calgary Veteran's Food Bank you can do so online by clicking here.

If you have any questions or would like to contact us regarding one of these initiatives please contact us at 403-537-7000 or by emailing