Carpool / Carshare

Carpool Program

The Calgary Parking Authority Carpool Parking Program allows carpool parkers enhanced access to monthly waiting lists.

Under the CPA carpool program, 50% of all new monthly contracts may be allocated to vehicles with two or more occupants.

The carpool program is part of the CPA's effort to reduce Calgary's carbon footprint and is a simple way for people to save money, reduce congestion and conserve energy while benefiting the environment.

To sign up for the carpool wait list,* you will require the following information:

  • Names and contact information for at least two people. A minimum of two people per vehicle are required to qualify for a monthly carpool contract.**
  • Please note that monthly carpool contract are joint contracts. However, one of the people listed as a contact must assume financial responsibility for the contract. When you sign up, please indicate which person will be financially responsible for the contract.
  • Click here to sign up now through Park Online

*Note: Monthly carpool contract holders may be subject to monitoring to ensure they are in compliance with the terms of the contract. The Calgary Parking Authority reserves the right to cancel the contract at any time should the contract holders fail to comply with the terms as set out in the contract.

**Note: Carpool wait lists are available for CPA parkades only. Please click here to see our parkade locations.


The Calgary Parking Authority supports carsharing programs such as those offered by privately-owned companies like Calgary Carshare and car2go.

Parking with car2go and CPA is simple. Just find an available spot, park, and be on your way. This is because parking costs for on-street ParkPlus zones and in CPA lots and parkades are included in the rental fees.

In select CPA parkades, there are reserved car2go parking spaces for added convenience where members may park or end their rental:

  • City Centre Parkade (Lot 25) - Level 1A
  • McDougall Parkade (Lot 28) - Level 2
  • James Short Parkade (Lot 40) - Level 1
  • Centennial Parkade (Lot 54) - Main level