Canadian Parking Association (CPA) Calgary 2023 Conference

Come to Calgary Parking's booth to meet ParkPlus: The Parking Pro, an industry-leading solution changing the game in parking management.


Calgary Parking: Offering So Much More than Parking

Step into the Future of Parking with Us!

Welcome to the exciting world of parking innovation!

Picture a future where parking is easy and getting around is smooth. Calgary Parking is a leading expert and manager in the Canadian parking industry, pushing the boundaries of innovation. We're here to make parking more convenient and provide exceptional service.

Join us at the Calgary Parking booth during the Canadian Parking Association (CPA) 2023 Conference,in Calgary from Sunday, October 1 to Wednesday, October 4. It's your exclusive opportunity to discover our newest advancements in parking and mobility.


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The Parking & Mobility Revolution

Lately, parking and getting around have teamed up to improve our neighbourhoods and our travels. In the past, they were like two completely different things with no connection. But now, they've come together to make an efficient way of getting around. It's easy to use, good for the environment, and can keep going for a long time. 

There are many advantages, and at this conference, you'll find out how Calgary Parking's new idea - ParkPlus - is making these improvements happen and making our neighbourhoods better places to live.



Calgary Parking's Booth: A Must-See

Calgary Parking offers so much more than parking, and we'll be at the CPA Conference to show you what we've got. We'll introduce you to our unique Electronic Permitting System (EPS) at the conference. Our use of this solution is changing how we manage parking and get around. 


Here's why you should check out Calgary Parking's Booth:


Introducing ParkPlus

The Parking Pro, Industry-Leading Solution, and Game-Changer in Parking Management!

ParkPlus is our innovative solution that makes parking, paying, and enforcing rules super easy—all with the help of one thing: your license plate! ParkPlus also powers our Residential Parking Permits (RPP)monthly parking contractsflex passesand membership parking for places like Calgary ZooTelus Spark, Fort Calgaryand Heritage Park.



ParkPlus is a Software as a Service (SaaS) platform thaty brings your business fantastic benefits:


  • Manage digital parking permits with ease!

  • No more hassle with hangtags or stickers.

  • Apply and pay conveniently online.

  • Catch enforcement violators with License Plate Recognition (LPR) cameras.

  • The permit process is simple, highly flexible, and environmentally friendly.


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What You Get With ParkPlus

  • Smart Parking: Say goodbye to slow and difficult parking systems. ParkPlus uses real-time data to help you quickly find a parking spot.
  • Valuable Insights: We're all about the numbers. See and track parking trends and use this info to allocate resources and improve your parking operations.
  • Easy for Everyone: Our platform is so easy to use that everyone enjoys it.
  • Fits Right In:  ParkPlus fits smoothly into your existing setup and environment without major changes.
  • Go Green: We're committed to saving the planet by reducing carbon emissions. Simplifying parking means fewer emissions.
  • Pro Support: We're here from 'Day One to Forever' to ensure your success.
  • Join the ParkPlus Community: Connect with other businesses benefiting from this improved parking solution. You'll boost efficiency and keep everyone satisfied.


Calgary Parking: Your Partner for Parking Solutions You'll Love!

We're not just about parking; we're here to make your life easier, safer, and more enjoyable. Join us at the CPA Conference from Sunday, October 1, to Wednesday, October 4, and discover how we're leading the charge in parking and mobility solutions. Connect with us online or meet us at the conference to help shape the future of parking and mobility with Calgary Parking and ParkPlus.


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