MyParking App Frequently Asked Questions

How do I check my account balance on the app?

You can easily check your account balance by clicking on your user profile in the top right corner.

How do I add more funds to my account using the app?

If you do not have enough money in your account for the entire duration of your stay. The app will notify you that you need to add more funds to cover a full session prior to starting the parking session. If you choose to not add funds prior to starting the session, the system will deactivate your session when your funds run out. This means that you could receive a ticket for the time you are parked without payment. To avoid this, please ensure you have enough money in your account to cover the entire duration of time you require.

You can add funds to your account by clicking on your user profile in the top right corner, select "Add Account Funds", select the amount you want to add (you must add a minimum payment of $25) and click "Add Funds". Please note, if your account balance is low and you add funds to your account, you must first stop your current parking session and start a new session as the system will not automatically extend your parking session when more funds are added.

Can I automatically load funds onto my account using the MyParking app?

Yes, click on the top right corner, select 'Manage Account' and then select `Payment Management`. Click `Set up card information`to save your credit card information. Once you have set up your card information you can enable or disable but clicking the `Auto Reload` button. By enabling that button, it will automatically reload your account every time your balance drops below $5.00 with your selected auto top up amount. If your account balance does not cover your full parking session, you must first stop your current parking session and start a new session as the system will not automatically extend your parking session when your funds are automatically topped up.

Can I edit my account details using the app, such as my license plate or phone number?

Yes! The app allows you to update your license plate and phone number using the app.

When logging into the app, what phone number do I use to log in?

You can use ANY phone number that is listed in your ParkPlus account when logging into your account on the app. It does not have to match the phone number of the phone or device you're using. For example, if you share an account with your spouse, you could enter their phone number with the account username and password, as long as that phone number is listed on the account.

What should I do if I have am having trouble stopping my parking session through the app?

If you are having difficulties stopping your parking session with the app, you can also call into ParkPlus (403-537-7275) and listen to the voice prompts or use Text to Park to end your parking session.

Please note that no matter which method you use to start a parking session, the same phone number must be used to stop the parking session. Therefore, if you use another phone number when logging into the MyParking app, you would need to text or call from that number to stop your parking session (if unable to do so through the app).

I'm having difficulties logging in to the app. What do I do?

Your Username can be the username you created or the email address associated with your account. You can reset your password online, but please note, it can take up to 30-60 minutes for the information to be reset on the ParkPlus server.

You can also start and end sessions using your ParkPlus account by calling or texting; click here to learn more. 

If you need further assistance, please contact or call 403-537-7275 and we'll investigate the issue further.

I was setting up my ParkPlus account on the app and was interrupted; can I continue the set-up on the app?

If you experience an interruption while setting up your ParkPlus account on your app, you must continue the set-up process on a computer. You will not be able to continue to set up your account through the app.

What version does the device need to be for the new MyParking app?

In order to update/download the new MyParking app, Androids need to be version 6 and up and iOS devices need to be iOS 9 and up. For older devices, you can still download and use the MyParking app however it will be the old version of the MyParking app.