Accessible Parking Awareness Campaign

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Each year, the Calgary Parking Authority runs an Accessible Parking Awareness Campaign to help educate Calgarians on the importance of leaving designated stalls for those with disabilities.

The campaign starts on Accessible Parking Awareness Day (usually the last Thursday in November) and runs through the month of December. Particularly during the holiday season, accessible spaces are a necessity - not a privilege for those with disabilities. Please be courteous and leave accessible spaces for those who truly need them.

There's a spot for everyone in Calgary.

Penalty for parking illegally in a designated stall

The fine for parking illegally in an accessible stall is $200 if paid within 10 days, $250 if paid within 30 days and $300 after that time. This fine came into effect on January 1, 2011.

Reporting abuse of a parking placard

Please make a written report of the occurrence and record all details of the incident, including the date, time, place, vehicle license number and description and submit the information to:

Registry Services, Alberta Government Services Building

710 - 4th Avenue SW, Calgary T2P OK3

Fax: 297-8982


For more information on accessible parking, click here to access our accessible parking brochure or call us at 403-537-7000.