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Privacy Policy

As a local public body the Calgary Parking Authority is subject to the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (FOIP) of the Province of Alberta. Your privacy is important to us.

The Calgary Parking Authority only collects personal information when you create a secured online account or if you choose to pay a parking ticket, purchase a product, use the 'Contact Us' page, or send us feedback containing a signature line in your email.

We will not transfer your personal information to a third party for marketing purposes unless we have your consent or are required to by law. Any personally identifiable data about web site visitors is stored securely.

Concerns regarding privacy or access issues should be directed to:
FOIP Coordinator
Calgary Parking Authority
620-9th Ave SW
T2P 1L5
Phone (403) 537-7099

For information about the FOIP Act visit Copies of the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act are available for a fee at the Queen's Printer Bookstore, Main Floor, McDougall Centre, 455 - 6th St SW., Calgary AB.

The Calgary Parking Authority fully cooperates with all law enforcement agencies and will release personal information if required by law or to fulfill the requirements of police investigations of suspected fraudulent or criminal activity.

Contact Us Page-FOIP Statement

Personal information is collected under the authority of the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act, R.S.A. 2000, c. F-25, Section 33(c). It is used for the purposes of obtaining feedback and responding to your questions. It may also be used to inform you of changes to the system or new products or services. For additional information, contact the Calgary Parking Authority, 620 9th Avenue SW, T2P 1L5, Phone (403) 537-7000.

CPA customers may elect to be kept informed of changes and new products by indicating this in a checkbox where provided. Customers who wish to be removed from this service may do so by indicating this in the checkbox itself, or by contacting us directly.

Customer Account Setup Page-FOIP Statement

If you purchase a product or service, or create an online account we collect personal information via the 'account setup' process. During the process a 'terms of use and agreement' page is a legal component of the licensing process which you must complete if you wish to continue your transactions or account setup.

Personal information is collected under the authority of the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act, R.S.A. 2000, c. F-25, Section 33(c), City of Calgary Bylaw 49M2000, and the Alberta Fair Trade Act, Internet Contract Regulation, Sections 4(1)(a)(xi) and 5(2). It is used for the purposes of order fulfillment, licensing products, ensuring customer satisfaction, and may also be used to inform you of changes to the system or new products added to the store (actual customer information page contains a provision to opt-out of this service).

Product Specific Forms

Some products and services available from the Calgary Parking Authority require the customer to supply additional information, personal or otherwise, before an order can be processed. In these cases a form will appear requesting such information, and a FOIP statement on the form will outline the authority and use of the information.

Payment Information Page

The Calgary Parking Authority collects collect credit card information and uses 128 bit SSL encryption whenever credit card information is being transmitted. For information regarding secure payments and privacy issues relating to your credit card information, contact your financial institution.

While Canadian legislation does not require the Calgary Parking Authority to comply with Payment Card Industry (PCI) standards until the year 2011, the Calgary Parking Authority has already put in place the necessary infrastructure to meet the requirements of these standards. In order to achieve PCI certification, the Calgary Parking Authority is undertaking an independent audit, actively monitoring our systems and will qualify to seek certification when certification becomes mandatory in Canada.

In addition, the Calgary Parking Authority meets ISO 27001 standards.

The Calgary Parking Authority takes great care to ensure the accuracy of information and pricing presented. The Calgary Parking Authority will correct any errors it becomes aware of at the first opportunity. Customers affected may be notified of the error if the CPA believes there is an impact that deems the notification to be warranted.

Full descriptions of products and services can be found throughout the site. Watch for "Click here for more info," or by clicking on the product or service name itself. Not withstanding the general Terms of Use on this page, a product and service may be subject to specific conditions of use viewable prior to purchase.

Purchasers using illegal, invalid, expired or other payment methods where insufficient funds exist are subject to all fees incurred by the Calgary Parking Authority, an additional administrative charge and a denial of products or services at the CPA's sole discretion without notice.

Purchasers acknowledge that they have seen, read and agree to the terms, conditions and associated disclaimer(s) either visible on the product or service full description (Details) page, or on any hyperlinks appearing on these pages. Purchasers also acknowledge and accept any terms, conditions and disclaimers included in any and all supporting documents made accessible through hyperlinks on the product or service full description (Details) page. If hyperlinks are, for any reason, inaccessible, the customer will contact the Calgary Parking Authority and ensure that these documents are made available to their satisfaction prior to purchase.

The source of the data must be acknowledged in all such documents and communications, including on Internet sites, by providing the following source citation at the bottom of each table and graph:

Source: The Calgary Parking Authority, full URL of source pages, and 'date of extraction'.
Further, the following notice should appear, in an appropriate area, in any document or Internet site that includes selections of the content of this site:

The Calgary Parking Authority information is used with the permission of the Calgary Parking Authority and The City of Calgary. Customers are forbidden to copy the data and redistribute it in the original or modified form, for commercial purposes, without the expressed permission of the Calgary Parking Authority.

Customers who wish to publish any significant volumes of material extracted from the content of this site in any medium, shall seek permission from Calgary Parking Authority. See the Contact Us page for more links.

No part of the content on this site nor any right granted under this agreement shall be sold, rented, leased, lent, sub-licensed or transferred to any other person or organization.

Customers are not permitted to use any part of the content of this site to develop or derive any data product or data service for distribution or commercial sale, without a license to do so.

The Calgary Parking Authority makes no warranty whatsoever as to the accuracy of the products and/or services provided, nor any warranty, either expressed or implied, as to the merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose of the products and/or services.

Prices, administration fees, convenience and handling fees charged in the Calgary Parking Authority web site are subject to change without notice. For any services or items contained on the site, physical sizes, colors, and file sizes are approximations only. A minimum fee will apply on all transactions.

In the event that a pay machine does not return coins, customers may request a refund by e-mailing or by faxing 403-537-7001. Requests must include the date, pay machine ID, contact information and any other relevant information. The pay machine will be checked for an overage and customers will be contacted regarding the outcome.
When customers encounter a pay machine that is out of order, they must proceed to another pay machine to make payment using one of the functioning payment methods provided. Payment can be made at any ParkPlus pay machine.
The secure Internet payment solution provided by the Calgary Parking Authority (CPA) assures that financial and personal information is collected, transmitted, processed and stored securely. The CPA validates its security compliance to Payment Card Industry (PCI) standards on a routine basis. The service fee applied to online transactions supports this secure Internet payment mechanism and the related administrative costs to process online payments.

Parking is controlled by 'traffic control devices' as defined in the Traffic Safety Act. Paying for parking does not alleviate the vehicle operator's responsibility to park legally in accordance with posted signs at all times.

Parking and traffic regulations are found in the provincial Traffic Safety Act, the Calgary Traffic Bylaw and the Calgary Parking Bylaw. Any agreement and the services offered by the Calgary Parking Authority are in conformance to this legislation and if discrepancies arise, the legislation shall prevail.

When using the cell phone payment system an 'Interactive Voice Response' system will prompt users to enter information specific to their parking session. The responsibility for the accuracy of information lies with the customer, not the CPA. Errors made by the customer may result in parking fines or services denial.

Some services offered are dependant on the customer's cell phone or internet service provider. The CPA does not warrant or guarantee compatibility or service levels of third party service providers.

One feature of the ParkPlus System cell phone payment system is a 'call back' service that alerts or warns customers of parking time expiry or pending 'tow away'. Responsibility for compliance with parking laws, however, remains with the customer even if no such warning is issued by the CPA due to system failure or any other reason.

While 'cell phone' payment is offered for curbside and parking lots as a customer service, in the event of a system failure, customers must pay for parking by using 'pay machines' that are on-street or in parking lots.

The SMS messaging feature Text to Park allows users to pay for parking by texting 77587. Note that CPA does not charge for this feature, but standard carrier message rates may still apply. For help, please text HELP, INFO or AIDE to 77587. To be removed from program, text STOP or ARRET to 77587.

Customers may contact the Calgary Parking Authority by using our toll free number at 1-888-544-4011.

Any services or product provision or cancellation may be subject to administration fees that in some cases may be deducted from current accounts or from pending refunds.

Any services cancellations, product returns or account cancellations that result in refunds will be processed within 14 calendar days and may be subject to administration fees.

Inactive user accounts are accounts without any activity for twenty-four (24) consecutive months and may be closed and residual account balances become the property of the CPA. Any or all CPA web services to any person may be terminated at the CPA's sole discretion without notice.

While the CPA is PCI compliant and is seeking PCI certification to ensure every possible measure is taken to protect credit card information, customers use the site at their own risk.
Customers are responsible for the safekeeping of user account id's, passwords and security of account access. Users must insure they are employing secure browsers and reputable ISP providers. The Calgary Parking Authority website supports MS Internet Explorer 6 or later, capable of 128 bit encryption.

Online legal Terms of Use and Legal Agreement is subject to change without further notice.
The Calgary Parking Authority website is controlled from its office within the Province of Alberta, Canada. The web site can be accessed from all provinces and territories of Canada, as well as from other countries around the world. As each of these jurisdictions has laws that may differ from those of the Province of Alberta, by accessing the Calgary Parking Authority website, the customer agrees that all matters relating to access to, or use of, the website, shall be governed by Alberta law and the federal laws of Canada applicable in the Province of Alberta. The customer also agrees and hereby submits to the exclusive personal jurisdiction and venue of the courts of the Province of Alberta and acknowledges that the customer does so voluntarily and is responsible for complying with local laws.

When licensing the use of products or services through the Calgary Parking Authority website, the contract is considered to be executed within Alberta, Canada.

Please direct service or product-specific questions to the Calgary Parking Authority directly. You will find contact information listed with the individual service and product descriptions.

If you have any questions or comments about using the Calgary Parking Authority website that are not answered here, please visit our 'Contact Us' page.

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