TELUS Spark and ParkPlus

Residential Parking Permits are Going Digital!

Starting on August 1, 2017, residential parking zones are being transitioned to the online RPP system as zones come up for renewal. Click here to find out more.

Now enjoy the convenience of ParkPlus at one of Calgary's favourite places, TELUS Spark - Calgary's Science Centre.

220 St Georges Dr NE

TELUS Spark (Zone 8310)

  • When visiting TELUS Spark, there is a $5 per day flat fee for parking that will be valid for 24 hours from the time that you enter the parking lot.

  • You are able to pay for your parking before or after you visit; just ensure that you pay prior to leaving.

  • Paid parking is in effect 24/7.

  • You are also able to use your existing ParkPlus prepaid cell phone account or create a cell phone account to pay for your parking at TELUS Spark - you can use this same account to pay for parking in ANY ParkPlus zone! 

TELUS Spark Member Parking

Already registered with Park Online and want to update your licence plate? Please click here.

TELUS Spark members are required to register their licence plate information before they receive their parking privileges. To register your licence plate(s), please click here. For detailed instructions on how to register your licence plate(s), please click here. Once you have registered your licence plate(s), there is no need to visit the ParkPlus Pay Machine or to activate a parking session using the ParkPlus prepaid cell phone system.

Please note that the Park Online account for members is separate from your ParkPlus prepaid cell phone account, if you have one. Updating one account will not affect the other, and members do not need to activate parking when parked at TELUS Spark (once you have registered your plate).

If you are also a Calgary Zoo member and you have created your myID account, use this same account to log-in to register your licence plate information for TELUS Spark. You do not need to create more than one myID account.

If you have questions about your account, please contact the Calgary Parking Authority through one of the following methods:

Membership Renewals

Existing members who have registered their licence plate(s) with Park Online are not required to take action when they renew their memberships with TELUS Spark.  All members who have renewed their memberships can continue to use their existing myID account to make any required changes to their parking information, including updating their licence plate information.