Street Sweeping

As requested by The City of Calgary, parking enforcement during street sweeping has returned to pre-COVID operations.


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Street Sweeping - General Information

The CPA provides enforcement support to The City of Calgary during their Spring Clean-up program. Spring Clean-up is an annual street sweeping program that removes sanding materials and debris that have accumulated on roads and along major sidewalks and boulevards during the winter months. 

For in-depth information on this program, including sweeping schedules and background information, please go to


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Citizens will see signage posted notifying them of upcoming street sweeping in their community.

No parking is allowed on street when Street Cleaning Community Signs with “No Parking” symbols are placed around a community during Spring Clean-up. Any vehicle that has not been removed from the street in the area is subject to ticketing.

Vehicles are subject to be ticketed and towed if the small 3-feet high "No Parking" signs are placed along the road. They will be placed at least 12 hours prior to street sweeping. If vehicles are towed:

  • The Calgary Parking Authority pays for towing if the vehicle can be taken to a nearby space.
  • The vehicle owner pays the ticket, tow, and impound fee, if taken to the impound lot.


2021 Ticket Statistics

These statistics will be updated on Monday afternoon and will reflect the ticket issued the previous week (M-F).

April 19 - 23: 1007

April 26 - 30: 2751

May 3 - 7: 2073

May 10 - 14: 2289

May 17 - 21: 2840

May 24 - 28: 2522

May 31 - June 4: 3082

June 7 - 11: 2793

June 14 - 18: 1150

June 21 - 25: 



Previous Years Statistics

*Performed minimal enforcement as requested by The City of Calgary to support Calgarians at the onset of pandemic lockdowns.








Fine Amount

Fine Amount $120
If Paid Within 10 Days $80
If Paid Within 30 Days $90