Street Sweeping

April - June 2023


The 2023 Annual Spring Clean-up program is underway.

Thank you, as always, for helping make a clean sweep of the roads by moving your vehicles. 

Parking enforcement during street sweeping has returned to pre-COVID operations.


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Street Sweeping - Teamwork at its best!

Calgary Parking plays a key role in ensuring the program is a success. Camera equipped cars help enforce temporary sweeping bans, but parking officers also validate these bans by verifying community signage is visible to residents ahead of time.

“A good reminder to avoid a ticket is keep your vehicle off the road for the duration of the ban (usually one full day 8am-4pm), as street sweepers will make multiple passes,” says Todd Sullivan, Leader, Parking Patrol and Investigation at Calgary Parking. “We coordinate enforcement alongside our teammates in Mobility to ensure our camera cars and sweepers are working as closely as possible.“

For in-depth information on this program, including alerts, sweeping schedules and background information, please go to


Click here for the Street Sweeping Schedule & Progess Map


Event Signage

Calgarians will see signage posted notifying them of upcoming street sweeping in their community.

No parking is allowed on your street when Street Cleaning Community Signs with “No Parking” symbols are placed during Spring Clean-up. Any vehicle that has not been removed from the street is the subject of a parking infraction.

Vehicles are subject to be ticketed and towed if the 3-foot high "No Parking" signs are placed along the road. They will be placed at least 24 hours prior to street sweeping. If vehicles are towed:

  • Calgary Parking pays for towing if the vehicle can be taken to a nearby space.
  • The vehicle owner pays the ticket, tow, and impound fee, if it is taken to the Municipal Impound Lot.

2023 Ticket Statistics                 2022 Ticket Statistics           (Updated Weekly - Tuesdays by 10am)

April 17 - 21       3,298                    April 18 - 22:           610 (impacted by snow event)

April 24 - 28       3,192                    April 25 - 29:        3,461

May 1 - 5            3,213                    May 2 - 6:             4,339

May 8 - 12          2,853                    May 9 - 13:           3,814

May 15 - 19        3,110                    May 16 - 20:         3,670

                                                        May 23 - 27:         3,029

Total to date:  15,666                May 30 - June 3:  3,846

                                                        June 6 - 10:          3,709

                                                        June 13 - 17:        2,496

                                                        June 20 - 22:        1,218


                                           2022 TOTAL:  30,192


Annual Statistics













*Performed minimal enforcement as requested by The City of Calgary to support Calgarians at the onset of pandemic lockdowns.


Fine Amount

Fine Amount After 30 Days $120
If Paid Within 10 Days $80
If Paid Within 30 Days $90