Calgary Parking Committee

The Calgary Parking Authority is governed by a nine-member Calgary Parking Committee, including the GM, Transportation and Chief Financial Officer of The City of Calgary. Each year, the Committee is selected by The City of Calgary. 

If you are interested in becoming a member of the Calgary Parking Committee and would like more information about Committee member requirements, please click here. View further information about City of Calgary Boards, Commissions or Committees.

Doug Morgan

Nicholas Kuhl, Vice Chair

Councillor Joe Magliocca

Shahid Qureshi, Chair

Ian Beddis

Deirdre Sheehan

Carla Male

Councillor Sean Chu

Kate Thrasher


Current Committee Meeting Minutes and Agendas

2021 Committee Meeting Minutes and Agendas

Tuesday, January 19 | Agenda Meeting Minutes

Tuesday, February 23 | Agenda | Meeting Minutes

Friday, April 9 | Agenda | Meeting Minutes

Tuesday, June 1 | Agenda

2020 Committee Meeting Minutes and Agendas

Tuesday, February 25 | Agenda Meeting Minutes

Friday, April 03 | Agenda | Meeting Minutes

Tuesday, June 2 | Agenda | Meeting Minutes

Tuesday, July 28 | Agenda | Meeting Minutes

Tuesday, September 22 | Agenda | Meeting Minutes

Tuesday, October 6 | Agenda | Meeting Minutes

Thursday, December 3 | Meeting Minutes

Tuesday, December 8 | Agenda | Meeting Minutes

Note: Meeting minutes are approved during the following Board Meeting and are posted after that meeting.

Past Committee Meeting Minutes and Agendas

For meeting minutes and agendas prior to 2020 please click here