Students - Vehicle Specific Permit

Can students living in a residential zone receive a parking permit?

Yes. Click here for details on how to get a permit in this case.

How can I apply for a residential parking permit?

Visit for information on how to apply.

What documents do I need to provide in order to get my residential parking permit?

Click here for details on accepted proof of residence documents.

Can I get a permit if I drive a vehicle that is registered in my parents' name to their address?

Click here for details on how to get a permit in this case.

Are there any conditions for use of a permit?

You cannot sell, trade, give away or allow any person to use your permit. This is in accordance with City of Calgary Bylaw #26M96. 

Can I use residential parking and visitor permits in ParkPlus zones or in any other restricted parking zones?

The residential parking permits are not valid in ParkPlus zones, in "No Stopping" zones, or other restricted areas such as loading zones, handicap zones or no parking areas around schools. Your Residential Parking Permit is valid within your designated zone only. Residential parking permits allow you to park in residential parking zones and time-restricted parking zones. As long as you obey traffic bylaws, you may park anywhere in the restricted area or zone for which you have a permit. Visitor Permits are valid only within 150 metres of the resident’s address.

What should I do with the residential parking permit if I sell my vehicle?

If you have a permit and you sell your vehicle, cancel the Residential Parking Permit in your online account. Visit for more information. 

What should I do with the residential parking permit if I move from the area?

If you have a permit and you move, cancel the Residential Parking Permit in your online account. Visit for more information. 

When do I need to renew my residential permit?

In the online Residential Parking Permit system, permits are valid for two years from the date of issuance.

What is the fine for parking in a residential parking zone with no valid permit?

The fine for parking in a residential parking zone without displaying a valid permit is $75. Please read all posted signs for the zone specific restrictions in your area.

Why can't I get visitor permits for my apartment?

According to Calgary Traffic Bylaw 26M96, section 24 (1) only a person who resides in a single detached dwelling, semi-detached dwelling, duplex, rowhouse, or townhouse may apply for a visitor parking permit.

Residents who live in a qualifying building containing five suites or more within a residential parking zone may apply for a short-term temporary permit for an out-of-town guest by providing proof that the resident lives at the address where the permit is required and the out of town guest's vehicle registration. 

How can I purchase a visitor permit?

Visitor parking permits are free of charge to qualifying addresses. 

Click here for details on how to apply for a visitor permit. 

Why was there a fee put in place for additional residential parking permits?

Two reports from the Transportation Department (LPT2005-41 and LPT2006-20) were submitted to City Council and made the recommendation to charge for permits over two per address based on the results of a public consultation undertaken by the Transportation Department.

There were concerns from citizens regarding residents with multiple vehicles using an inordinate amount of parking space and an initiative to charge for these additional vehicles was endorsed. It was passed by City Council in 2006 and the bylaw was amended.

This change is the result of a revision to the Calgary Traffic Bylaw 26M96 under section section 22 (4)(b):

The Calgary Parking Authority is authorized to issue residential parking permits per Dwelling Unit as follows:  

                 (a) 2 permits at no cost, and  

                 (b) additional permits upon payment.

How do customers know about the fee?

The fee for additional parking permits came into effect on November 1, 2011.  In addition to this information being provided on our website and on the online RPP system, should a resident apply for or renew their permit they will be notified of any fees associated with third or additional permits.

How much does each additional residential parking permit cost?

Please refer to the fee schedule to determine the cost of each additional residential parking permit. Please note that GST is excluded and will be applied at time of purchase. Permits are valid for two years and this cost is reflected in the fee schedule. Fees can be paid online or by debit, cash, cheque (payable to the Calgary Parking Authority), or credit card (M/C, Visa, AMEX). There is no limit on the number of additional vehicle-specific permits that can be purchased, as long as the customer is willing to pay for them. No additional visitor permits can be obtained.