Paying your Parking Ticket

COVID-19 Update

In support of COVID-19 precautions, the main CPA office (620-9 Avenue SW) closed effective March 17, 2020. The Impound Lot (400-39 Ave SE) remains open with reduced hours 8am - 8pm Monday to Friday and 12noon - 4pm weekends. This may result in longer than usual wait times for customer service support. We thank you for your patience. Please remember payments can be made online from the safety and convenience of your home. 

CPA is enforcing physical distancing rules by requiring customers remain 6 feet apart and limiting the number of people in our lobby at one time. This means customers may be required to wait outside before gaining access to the lobby. Please dress appropriately for the weather and bring all necessary documentation with you.The health and safety of our customers and employees remains our highest priority. Please do not enter the Impound Lot if you are sick.

We are encouraging use of the MyParking App rather than pay machines and want to remind customers to use online tools to pay tickets, submit appeals, manage residential parking permits and top up your paid parking account.

If you get a parking ticket or parking infraction notice, there are a few ways you can pay your fine:

1. Pay your ticket online by clicking here 

Make sure you have your Parking Ticket or Parking Infraction Notice Number, your Licence Plate Number and a Visa, Visa Debit, MasterCard or American Express card.

2. In person at one of our convenient downtown locations

  • City Cashiers: 800 Macleod Trail SE, Mon - Fri, 8:00 am - 4:30 pm. Please note: the City Cashiers do not accept credit cards.
  • Night Depository: 801 3rd St SE

Please include your parking ticket or the reminder notice with your payment.

3. By mail

Send a cheque or money order made payable to the City of Calgary at:

Box 100, Calgary Parking Authority, 400 – 39th Avenue SE  

Calgary, AB

T2G 5P8

Please include your parking ticket or the reminder notice with your payment.

For ticket payment questions or inquiries, please email or call 403-537-7100, option 3.

Please note that we cannot accept e-transfer payments.

Early Payment Incentive Program

CPA uses a three-tiered fee system for parking fines. By paying your parking ticket within 10 days, you could save as much as 20 per cent. This is the only program of its kind offered by a major city in Alberta.

The savings are possible because administrative expenses and other costs resulting from violation tickets and prosecution costs are eliminated when the fine is paid early.

Tier One


Pay within 10 days


Pay the lowest fine*


Tier Two

Pay after 10 days but before 30 days

Pay the next highest fine.*


Tier Three


Pay after 30 days

Pay the specified penalty*


For example, if you were ticketed for parking your vehicle on a sidewalk or boulevard, you would be fined $68. However, if you paid that ticket within 10 days, you would have to pay only $40.

If you don't take advantage of the early payment options indicated on your parking ticket/parking infraction notice, the full specified penalty amount indicated on your parking ticket/parking infraction notice will apply. If your parking ticket/parking infraction notice remains unpaid, we have to issue you a Violation Ticket which is handled (prosecuted) at the Provincial Court of Alberta.

View the complete list of penalties for all of Calgary's Traffic Bylaws.

Note on Parking Ticket Payments

As of November 1, 2014 banks are moving to a paperless bill payment system and as a result will not be accepting payment for Calgary Parking Authority (CPA) parking tickets (parking tags).

CPA will continue to offer Pay Tickets Online, its convenient electronic payment option, as well as the other options described here.