Parking Enforcement in Calgary

The purpose of parking regulations is to enhance public safety, enable traffic flow and maintain community standards.

Public Safety issues are our highest priority. We consider the public safety risks and address them first. For example, when vehicles are parked too close to a stop sign, crosswalk or intersection, it makes it difficult for pedestrians and motorists to see oncoming vehicles.

Traffic flow issues result in traffic, congestion and blocked access for vehicles. Parking regulations enable traffic flow by ensuring short stay parking turnover, restricting parking during rush hour traffic, using no parking areas and providing access on private property.

Community standards issues are related to quality-of-life concerns typically on residential streets. While not as time-sensitive as public safety and traffic flow issues, community standards ensure residential parking restrictions are adhered to, abandoned or derelict vehicles are removed and recreational vehicles (RVs) are not stored long-term on residential streets.

CPA enforcement officers have been authorized to enforce parking regulations described in the Calgary Traffic Bylaw, Calgary Parking Bylaw, the provincial Traffic Safety Act, and Use of the Highway and Rules of the Road regulation.

This authority applies to any vehicle parked within the city limits of the City of Calgary on busy roadways, the downtown, residential areas and, in some cases, private property. All Albertans and visitors are required to know and adhere to the regulations governing the operation and parking of vehicles.

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Here are some helpful links to ensure you are aware of the current regulations:

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