PARK PARK & Lot 43

Street Sweeping in effect between April 19th and the end of June. For information about this City of Calgary program visit:

LOT 60 Vaccine Clinic: We’d like to thank the more than 23,000 parkers who’ve attended the TELUS Convention Centre vaccine clinic and successfully registered their licence plate in our system. This process allows us to accommodate as many parkers as possible in our limited capacity parkade. We encourage Calgarians to continue to register their licence plate when attending the clinic, as it ensures vehicle turnover and allows continuous parking access in support of vaccinations.

The CPA is pleased to support the health and safety of Albertans through our alignment with the clinic, and as such parkers who received a ticket at the Convention Centre Parkade between April 5th and 30th do not need to take any further action.




Welcome to PARK PARK!

A multi-use recreational space AND a parking lot. PARK PARK is designed as a layer cake of uses; it's a place of curiosities made from parks. It's a parking park, a sitting park, a playing park, a gathering park, a riding park, a park kind of park.

In addition to beautifying the street space, PARK PARK will allow for alternative uses during off-peak times, supporting the CPA’s commitment to innovation. The bright colours and unique features will entice visitors to the space; PARK PARK will be a Calgary attraction that people travel to see, creating hype and bringing business to the community. 

We hope that PARK PARK will spark conversations about placemaking and enrich the neighbourhood.


As of September 1st, PARK PARK is open to the public from 9am to 9pm daily. The space is also available for rent through CPA’s Event Rentals program. Information about Event Rentals, including rental guidelines and rates, can be found on that page.

Lot 43 will remain open and operational and parking during peak daytime hours will not be affected. The only time parking will be restricted is if the space is being rented for a community event or for maintenance, which is unchanged from the current hours of operation. Payment is required to park at Lot 43 at all times.

Please use PARK PARK at your own risk.

Awards & Recognition

In 2020, the Canadian Parking Association named the CPA and PARK PARK the winner of its 2020 Innovation in Parking Operations & Programs Award! Our profile can be FOUND HERE.


Our PARK PARK Partners

Public City Architecture Inc., the winner of a public competition managed by the Calgary Municipal Land Corporation (CMLC), has transformed Lot 43 into PARK PARK: an active, dynamic public space. 

The Inglewood BIA and CA were also instrumental in the creation of PARK PARK, participating on our selection committee and supporting the progress of this focal point for the community.