Visitor Parking Permits

For questions or concerns on Visitor permits, please call (403) 537-7000.

Visitor Permit

A qualifying resident living at a single detached dwelling, semi-detached dwelling, duplex, rowhouse, or townhouse can apply for access to a visitor permit, with the exceptions of Zone YY and AAA where only one permit per residence is allowed.

Visitor permits are only valid within 150 metres of the resident’s address. 

Visitor permits are intended for short term, temporary use by Visitors and can only be activated for 14 consecutive days at a time. They must not be activated for a vehicle registered to the address for which the Visitor Parking Permit has been issued and cannot be bought, sold, traded or rented.

Please visit for information about activating and deactivating visitor sessions in the new online RPP system.

Click here for information on how to apply for a visitor permit.

Please note:

  • Apartment-style complexes do not qualify for visitor permits
  • Only visitors to your address may use the permits