Fort Calgary and ParkPlus (Zone 8345)


Now enjoy the convenience of ParkPlus at one of Calgary's favourite places, Fort Calgary

750 - 9 Avenue SE

750 - 9th Avenue SE

143 stall surface lot 

15 Minutes FREE Parking with Licence Plate Registration


2 Hours: $3.00

12 Hours: $8.00

24 Hours: $10.00

Special Events: During Special Events, as directed by Fort Calgary, there will be a $10 flat fee.

Rates subject to change without notice.

Monthly Rate:



Other Important Information:

  • Paid parking is in effect 24/7.

  • You are also able to use your existing ParkPlus cell phone account or create a cell phone account to pay for your parking at Fort Calgary- you can use this same account to pay for parking in ANY ParkPlus zone!

15 Minute Free Short-Stay Parking 

In order to receive 15 minutes of free parking, you must register your licence plate at the ParkPlus pay machine at Fort Calgary. You're entitled to one free 15 minute parking session per visit. This is intended for short visits.. Failure to comply may result in a parking ticket. 

Please note that 15 minute free sessions cannot be activated using your ParkPlus cell phone account, including the app.

In the case of a discrepancy between the rates shown here and those displayed at the lot, the rates at the lot shall prevail.