ParkPlus Mobile Photo Enforcement vehicles take photos of parked vehicles and record parking information.

Calgary Traffic Bylaw

Calgary Traffic Bylaw 26M96 defines ‘park’ as;

"park" means to allow a vehicle (whether occupied or not) to remain standing in one place except:

(i) when standing temporarily for the purpose of and while actually engaged in loading or unloading passengers; or

(ii) when standing in obedience to a Peace Officer or traffic control device;

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Photo Enforcement

Ticket Issuance Process

During the day, parkers are continuously activating parking sessions at various pay machines and through use of their cell phone accounts. Simultaneously photo enforcement vehicles are capturing images of parked vehicles.

The following day the ParkPlus System checks to see that the cell phone side of our system and every pay machine has submitted all payment information from the previous day. The ParkPlus System then compares vehicles observed parked captured by the photo enforcement vehicles with the payment records. The ParkPlus System will mark every observation where there is no matching payment transaction as a ‘potential violation’.

Prior to issuing a photo parking ticket every ‘potential violation’ is presented online to a ‘peace officer’ for detailed review. Officers confirm violations by verifying payment information with the observed vehicle information captured in the photographs to ensure no errors have occurred during any process.

Once the officer has completed the review and determines a violation is warranted, the parking ticket complete with photo evidence is printed and mailed to the last known registered owner of the illegally parked vehicle.

Waiting for Passengers

In cases where officers observe that a vehicle is occupied, or cannot make that determination due to sun glare or tinted windows, officers will examine the photograph for evidence of passengers being actively engaged in loading or unloading, as payment for parking is not required while actively engaged in this process.

In cases where it is necessary to park and wait for passengers, there are more options available with the ParkPlus System than there were with the previous parking meters.

  •     Parkers can approach any pay machine and purchase time with coins or credit card.
  •     Alternatively, pre-register for a ParkPlus cell phone account here and activate a parking session from your vehicle.

A ‘grace time’ is allowed at the beginning and end of every paid session to allow time to pay and to allow for departure from the parking zone thereby making subsequent passes by photo enforcement vehicles unnecessary.

Pulling Over to Use a Cell Phone

In cases where vehicle operators pull over and park to use their cell phones, check text messages or emails or to park to check a map, parking fees are applicable. As with parking meters of old, vehicle operators may proceed to a pay machine while talking on their phone. Alternatively they may decide to let their answering service take the call or decide to purchase a hands-free device to safely allow phone conversations to take place while driving.