Administrative Review

If you were issued a parking infraction notice from the Calgary Parking Authority, you may request an administrative review to have it cancelled. When you request a review, a CPA Administrator investigates the infraction notice to determine if an error was made when it was issued and whether it can be withdrawn.

The fine payment schedule pauses once a ticket is submitted for administrative review. Once a review is completed, if your ticket is not withdrawn and you choose to pay the fine, the fine payment schedule will resume on the day you've been contacted by CPA about the outcome. For example, if you submit a review during tier one (first 10 days of receiving the ticket), you would resume in this tier when contacted about its status.

Please note:

  • Calgary Parking Authority may not withdraw parking tickets on the basis of compassionate reasons or on the basis of mitigating circumstances. If an appeal is based on compassionate or mitigating circumstances, the matter must be heard by the Provincial Court. Please see Court Appeal for more information.
  • Paid parking tickets are an admission of guilt, and as such an administrative review is unnecessary. This means that if you intend to dispute the infraction, do not pay the fine.
  • If a court conviction has already occurred, the CPA is not allowed to accept a review.
  • The registered vehicle owner remains responsible to follow all instructions of the court regardless of the status of this CPA Administrative Review process.

Already submitted? Inquire about the status of your Administrative Review by calling Parking Patrol & Investigation Division at 403-537-7000, option 1 and press 1.

Request an Administrative Review using one of the following options:

1. Online - Click here to submit online. (Please note that submitting an administrative review online is the fastest way to receive a response.)

2. Ticket appeal form available at the Impound Lot:
400-39 Ave SE
Calgary, AB T2G 5P8.
8am to 8pm - Weekdays 
12pm to 4pm Saturday, Sunday 

When submitting an Administrative Review request that includes credit card information to prove a purchase, please do not submit your full credit information. In order to verify a payment we only require the first 6 and last 4 digits of your credit card number; please do not provide your access code or expiry date information.

If you are submitting a review on a membership/monthly contract/ParkPlus account: please ensure your licence plate is entered/activated correctly in your online account prior to submitting your review. 

NOTE: If the infraction notice number begins with a 4 or 5 or the information is handwritten, the notice may have been issued by a municipal agency other than the Calgary Parking Authority and may not be eligible for our online review system.