Residential Parking Permits

Residential Parking Permits and Visitor Parking Sessions are applied for an managed online. Permits are valid for two years and enforcement of residential parking zones is done primarily by photo enforcement and supplemented by our mobile enforcement officers.

For detailed instructions on how to set up an online account, how to manage your residential and visitor permits in the online RPP system, as well as frequently asked questions, visit

Residential Parking Permits

Some communities in Calgary require a residential parking permit. To find out if your community does, please click here. For more information on Residential Parking Zones, including how to request a new zone or residential parking restriction signs, click here.

For information on Visitors Permits, click here.

Please note that not all addresses within the boundary of a zone are eligible for permits. Please call us at 403-537-7000, option 2 and press 1 to confirm whether the address is able to receive a permit.

The fine for parking in a residential parking zone without displaying a valid permit is $75. Please read all posted signs for the zone specific restrictions in your area.


How much does a Residential Parking Permit Cost?

The first two Residential Parking Permits are issued at no cost. There is a fee for the third and subsequent permits. Please refer to the information below to see the cost for a two year permit. The fee for third and each additional permit came into effect on November 1, 2011 and is under Calgary Traffic Bylaw 26M96, section 22 (4)(b).

Two special permit areas exist in Bridgeland (Zone AAA) and Somerset (Zone YY). These two year permit cost for these zones are reflected in the table below. One permit is issued per residence in Zones AAA and YY.








Where can I park with a Residential Parking Permit?

Residential parking permits allow you to park in residential parking zones and time-restricted parking zones except for 1 and 2 minute zones which are dedicated parking for mail pickup. As long as you obey traffic bylaws, you may park anywhere in the restricted area or zone for which you have a permit.

They DO NOT allow vehicles to be parked in violation of safety or traffic flow restrictions. These include areas such as:

  • No parking zones;
  • No stopping zones;
  • Parking with 5 m of a fire hydrant;
  • Parking within 5 m of a crosswalk;
  • Designated accessible parking spaces; and
  • Any other posted parking restrictions.

Residential parking permits are also NOT VALID in ParkPlus zones. If you choose to park in a ParkPlus zone, please note payment is required. Please watch carefully for signs noting parking restrictions and ParkPlus zones to ensure you don't receive a parking ticket.

Can other people use my Residential Parking Permit?

Sorry, parking permits are issued to license plates registered to a specific address. They are not transferable and cannot be used in other restricted parking zones.

See other FAQs related to Residential Parking Permits.

Click here for the Residential Parking Permit Terms & Conditions