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Want to know how many stalls are available in CPA parkades for daily parkers?

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Please note, the Calgary Parking Authority must ensure enough parking stalls are available for our monthly contract parkers. We reserve the right to manually close our parkades to daily parkers at any time.


Arts Commons Parkade (Lot 24)
829 Macleod Trail SE

City Centre Parkade (Lot 25)
240-10 Ave SW (10 Ave entrance)
221-9 Ave SW (9 Ave entrance)

McDougall Parkade (Lot 28)
720-5 Ave SW

City Hall Parkade (Lot 36)
322-9 Ave SW
Lot 40 Parkade
112-5 Ave SW (5 Ave entrance)
115-4 Ave SW (4 Ave entrance)

Centennial Parkade (Lot 54)
608-9 Ave SW (9 Ave entrance)
823-5 Ave SW (5 St entrance)

Convention Centre Parkade (Lot 60)
727-1 St SE

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