Parking in Calgary? Get the MyParking app! 





FOR iOS (iPhone)

 Download it for free by searching "MyParking" in the App Store or on iTunes.

The updated MyParking app is available for iOS NOW!

Get it here: App Store or

You’ll notice it has a new look and feel… don’t fret – you’ll love the added features it comes with. The account management side of things has been enhanced and you can now do the following directly from your app:

  • see your account balance
  • load additional funds; and
  • update your licence plates and phone numbers on the fly.

The only feature that has been discontinued in the new app is ‘Find My Vehicle’. You’ll now have to rely on that trusty old noggin’ of yours. Sorry!

The MyParking app is a free app for the iPhone designed to help make your parking experience more convenient. It has several features that will help you find and pay for parking quicker:

  • Start and Stop a Parking Session: ParkPlus cell phone account customers can start and stop a parking session with the touch of a button through the app.

  • Parking Availability: customers can view the number of stalls available in CPA parkades in real time. This feature is also tied into a convenient map that will provide directions to each parkade. 

  • Estimated On-street Availability: view what streets and areas are typically the busiest by date and time. Please note: this feature does not provide real-time data. It uses historical data from the ParkPlus system to provide a general overview of on-street parking availability. View this feature online.

The app also provides a direct link to CPA’s ParkAid service, comprehensive contact information and access to the latest updates from CPA’s Twitter account @CalgaryParking.

For a step-by-step guide to using the app, check out the How-to Video below - the steps also apply to the MyParking app for iPhone!

 FOR Android

The MyParking app is available for Android users as well. It is available as a free download from the Google Play Store or via our mobile payment landing page at:

This version of the MyParking app was released on May 27th, 2015. This version of the app includes enhanced ParkPlus account management features like the ability to see your account balance as well as the ability to load funds to your account right off your device.

The interface has been streamlined to include drop down menus and the app itself is mobile optimized so it will auto-adjust to fit the device you are using it on.

If you need assistance, please contact our ParkPlus representatives by emailing: or please call 403-537-7275.

For a step-by-step guide to using the Android app, view our tutorial video below.


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Q. I'm having difficulties logging in to the app. What do I do?

A: Unlike when logging into the website, log in using lowercase and no spaces for both the username and password. You can also reset your password online at, but please note, it can take up to 30-60 minutes for the information to be reset on the ParkPlus server.


Q. I asked for a password reset but the password will not allow me to login on the iPhone app. What do I do?

A: You must enter your new password online at before you can access the iPhone app.


Q. Can I automatically load funds onto my account using the MyParking app?

A: Unfortunately, the MyParking app does not have that capability. With the app, you can add funds on a one-off basis however, as well as check your account balance.


Q. Can I edit my account details using the app, such as my license plate or phone number?
A: Yes! The updated version of the app (released in July 2015) allows you to update your license plate and phone number using the app.


Q. When logging into the MyParking app, what phone number do I use to log in?

A: You can use ANY phone number that is listed in your ParkPlus account when logging into your account on the app. It does not have to match the phone number of the phone or device you’re using. For example, if you share an account with your spouse, you could enter their phone number with the account username and password, as long as that phone number is listed on the account.


Q. What should I do if I have am having trouble stopping my parking session through the app?

If you are having difficulties stopping your parking session with the app, you can also use call into ParkPlus (403-537-7275) and listen to the voice prompts or use Text to Park to end your parking session.

Please note that no matter which method you use to start a parking session, the same phone number must be used to stop the parking session. Therefore, if you use another phone number when logging into the MyParking app, you would need to text or call from that number to stop your parking session (if unable to do so through the app).


If you need further assistance, please contact or call 403-537-7275 and we'll investigate the issue further.