Accessible Parking in Calgary

We are committed to meeting the needs of ALL of our customers.

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Accessible Parking Awareness Campaign

Each year, the Calgary Parking Authority runs an Accessible Parking Awareness campaign to educate Calgarians on accessible parking issues.

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New for 2014 - Curb the tickets

Knowing which parking stalls are accessible parking only has become easier. Curbs alongside designated on-street accessible parking stalls in these 10 downtown locations have been painted bright blue:

  • 9 Ave SW west of 5 St SW

  • 8 Ave SW, west of 8 St SW

  • 8 Ave SW, west of 7 St SW

  • 8 Ave SW, east of 7 St SW

  • 3 St SW, south of 8 Ave SW

  • 4 St SW, north of 6 Ave SW

  • 5 Ave SW, west of 2 St SW

  • 2 St SE, north of 4 Ave SE

  • 3 Ave SE, east of Centre St

  • 2 Ave SW, west of Centre St

“Curb the Tickets” is the CPA’s latest awareness initiative aimed at making accessible stalls easily identifiable to ensure these spaces are available for people who are permitted to use them. We are also hoping that the bright blue curbs help reduce the number of tickets issued to other drivers by visually alerting them to the fact that these stalls are only available for vehicles displaying either a valid parking placard or a designated licence plate.

In 2013, the CPA issued 6289 parking violations for illegally parking in designated accessible parking stalls; this is slightly lower than the 7075 that were issued in 2012. These parking violations carry a fine of $300.00 that is reduced to $200.00 if paid within 10 days or $250.00 before 30 days.In addition to managing on-street accessible parking stalls, the CPA is proud to offer more than 100 accessible stalls in our facilities around Calgary.